More comfort with a new keyboard

    A few keys are constantly stuck and somehow you have to press harder and harder on the keys for anything to happen at all. You are annoyed and no longer satisfied with your old keyboard. Moreover, gaming is no fun anymore because the keys don't work properly. Now it's time for a new keyboard. You can find out which models are available and what you should look out for in our guide.

    Keyboards - these different models are available

    Not all keyboards are the same. Anyone who wants to buy a keyboard is often faced with a huge selection and wonders where the differences between the individual models are and why there has to be such a large selection. The reason is quite simple, there are many different areas of application in which keyboards are used. Depending on whether a keyboard is used for gaming, browsing or working, there are different requirements for the keyboard. Therefore, there are models for every field of use that offer very special features. These models are available:

    • Gaming keyboard

      Even though many think that passionate gamers only have their controller in their hands all day, the right keyboard for gaming plays a big role. These special keyboards are designed to play all games smoothly and quickly. A gaming keyboard not only has the conventional keys, but is also equipped with additional memory keys, action keys and multimedia keys that can be assigned individually. They are arranged in such a way that they are quite easy to reach. Many gamers also opt for an illuminated keyboard. Gamers often gamble in darkened rooms, then it is an advantage if the RGB Keyboard is illuminated and can thus be operated well in the dark. However, such an illuminated model is not only something for gamers, it is also very suitable for everyone who wants to use their keyboard in the evening in front of the TV and does not want to turn on extra light. Usually, gaming keyboards belong to the mechanical keyboards. This way, they are able to provide the special gaming experience that you want, as the mechanical keys provide consistency in the keystroke pressure point and also prevent wear and tear. Many of these particular models are designed in such a way that the keys can be struck much faster. This ensures a fast response time. However, even these special models are often not enough for passionate gamers. They place very high demands on the resilience, precision and user-friendliness of the gaming keyboard. They then opt for an Ghosting Keyboard. If two keys that are close together are pressed simultaneously on a normal keyboard, not all key commands are recognized. This is exactly the phenomenon known as "ghosting". It is caused by a special wiring of the keyboard. What isn't a problem for conventional use can lead to errors and inaccuracies in gaming. These simultaneous, i.e. simultaneously executed keystrokes are important in gaming in order to achieve the highest possible responsiveness. Therefore, many special gaming keyboards are designed to prevent this phenomenon from occurring. They are known as anti ghosting keyboards.

    • Ergonomic keyboard

      If you do not sit at the computer all day and constantly have to type something, you are well served with a conventional keyboard. The situation is different when the keyboard is used for typing all day. Conventional keyboards force the hands to work on it in a very unnatural posture. If you work on such a keyboard for several hours every day, it can lead to an overload of the hands. At worst, it is possible to develop chronic pain or inflammation. An ergonomic keyboard is an excellent alternative for those who have to work with the keyboard a lot. These special models are designed to take the strain off your hands while you work. The keypad is curved and divided into two parts. The great advantage of these ergonomic keyboards is that the hands thus always remain in a natural position. This allows relaxed working, even over a longer period of time. They are optimally suited for people who have to write a lot, for example office workers or students.

    • Mechanical keyboard

      A Mechanical Keyboards are best suited for extensive typing tasks. It offers a very smooth feel when typing. In addition, these models are far more robustly constructed and can withstand more than conventional keyboards. These are often based on rubber mats. With these models, it is necessary to press the key down completely to create a keystroke. This is not necessary with a mechanical keyboard. Here, there is a mechanical single switch under each key. For this purpose, each key has a coil spring inside. When the key is pressed, it is compressed and thus closes the circuit. These keyboards are very high-quality and are very often used in gaming, as they offer a clearly noticeable pressure point. Mechanical keyboards are practically the Rolls Royce among keyboards. The price is higher, but they offer excellent quality and stability. In addition, they convey a typing feel that is absolutely unique. The keyboards from the manufacturer Cherry are particularly popular. According to its own information, the company is the oldest keyboard manufacturer still active on the market. A CHERRY Keyboard offers exactly the unique typing feel that many wish for.

    • Wireless keyboard

      Typing without any tangled cables is best achieved with a wireless keyboard. These models are also known as Bluetooth keyboards or wireless keyboards. With such a wireless keyboard, the commands and data are transmitted to the computer without a cable. Radio waves are used for this purpose. Most often, Bluetooth technology is used for this purpose. These models make it possible to operate the computer even from some distance. They can be used as a PC keyboard, but are also ideally suited for use with smartphones or tablets, for example, when a text or an e-mail needs to be written. Both devices can even be turned into a game console. A special Apple keyboard is also available for use with iPhone or iPad, which can also be connected via Bluetooth. With a Bluetooth keyboard, there is simply more freedom. There are no tangled cables and the computer can also be controlled from a greater distance. The disadvantage of these keyboards, however, is that they have to be recharged in between. If the battery is empty, the keyboard will not work either.

    Which keyboard is the right one?

    QWERTZ, QWERTY and AZERTY - what is the difference?

    If you want to buy a PC keyboard, you often come across the designations QWERTZ, QWERTY and AZERTY. But what do these designations mean? It's quite simple, these three names stand for different types of keyboard layouts. They are based on the first six letters located in the top row of the corresponding keyboard. A QWERTZ keyboard represents the German keyboard layout, the QWERTY keyboard represents the US keyboard layout, and the AZERTY keyboard represents the French keyboard layout. This means that it is possible for a few letters to be mixed up on the different models. The reason for this is that there are letters in every language that are used particularly often. A good example is the "Z" and the "Y". While the "Y" is hardly used in German, but the "Z" is used all the more, the "Z" hardly plays a role in English, but the "Y" is used all the more often. Accordingly, these two letters are reversed on the keyboards. In addition, the assignments for the special characters also differ. The "ß" is only present on the QWERTY keyboard. The AZERTY keyboard has special keys for the "é" and "č".

    Why are the keys not arranged according to the alphabet?

    This question is certainly asked by many. Wouldn't typing on a keyboard be much easier if the letters were arranged according to the alphabet? No, that is not the case. There is a reason why the keys are arranged this way. The layout of the keyboard goes back to the DIN standard for typewriter keyboards from 1920, which was based on how the most commonly used letters could be reached as conveniently as possible. These letters were then arranged in a semicircle. The remaining letters were inserted into the empty spaces. The problem with the old typewriters was that often used combinations of letters that were next to each other caused the type levers of the typewriter to get stuck. Therefore, the arrangement, which had actually been made according to the alphabet at the very beginning, was changed to the arrangement that is still valid today.

    Additional features of keyboards

    There are many keyboards that offer additional features besides the normal ones. These are particularly interesting for gamers, but they also offer advantages for everyday use in the office or at home. These additional features include an integrated touchpad, for example, which makes the use of a mouse unnecessary. Models that have a trackball are also very popular. However, models with a touchpad or a trackball can only be used to a limited extent by lefties because they are on the wrong side. Programmable keys facilitate gaming, but also office work. Those who work a lot with a headset will be very happy with a keyboard for computers with an integrated headset port.

    The most popular brands of keyboards

    Today, many manufacturers offer keyboards for all areas of use. Nevertheless, there are some manufacturers whose products are more popular than others. The demanding wishes in the gaming field are best met by a Razer keyboard. The models of this manufacturer represent a special class among gamers. Cherry keyboards are also very popular. A Logitech keyboard is also just the right choice for many. In our keyboard store you will find a large selection of different keyboards. You can buy your keyboard online and start using it in just a few days. While the popularity of a brand is a good way to guide your choice of a suitable keyboard, in the end, it's always trial and error that decides whether typing really feels right. If that is the case, you have found exactly the right keyboard. In general, you should always be guided by the requirements you have for your new keyboard. If you want a keyboard for gaming, a special mechanical keyboard from the gaming sector is a good choice. For professional typists, such a mechanical keyboard is also well suited. Wireless variants keep things tidy and can be used more flexibly, for example as a keyboard for laptop. In our store you will find exactly the right keyboard for every wish.