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Gaming with the best gaming hardware - find everything for the perfect gaming PC in our Gaming World!

Start the PC, click on a great exciting game and just start gambling - is that exactly to your taste? Then you need a special gaming PC with the right gaming hardware to achieve the best results. Find powerful components for your gaming PC.

Gaming Hardware
Gaming Periphery
Gaming Accessories
Complete gaming systems

In our computeruniverse Gaming World you will find everything you need for your gaming PC. Are you a professional and want to assemble your own PC? We have the right PC gaming hardware for you. If you prefer to start gaming right away, a ready-made system is perfect for you. Of course, we also offer you the right gaming accessories.

Gaming Hardware

Gaming Grafikkarte
Gaming CPU
Gaming Mainboard
Gaming RAM
Gaming SSD
Gaming Netzteil

The basis of a good gaming PC is the motherboard. It should offer as many connectivity options as possible and enough slots for working memory. For a smooth gaming experience, the RAM should be at least 16 GB, 32 GB or more is better. The power supply must be able to supply the powerful gaming hardware with enough power. The power supply should offer at least 550 watts of power, high-end systems with more than one graphics card need a power supply with 750 watts or even more. A good gaming PC needs a powerful CPU. Intel Core i5 or i7 processors or models from AMD, such as an AMD Ryzen 9 or 7, are very suitable. The graphics card is also very important for the gaming PC. Models from the NVIDIA GeForce RTX series or the AMD Radeon series are best suited for gaming. A combination of fast SSD hard drives and HDD hard drives is ideal for gaming.

Of course, all these high-performance components have to be cooled accordingly so that the PC can offer the best performance. At best, the air flows in the PC should match each other properly. Besides the CPU cooler, a case fan is also needed for this. High-quality gaming systems in particular need very good cooling, and water cooling is the best choice for this. The right gaming case accommodates all these components.

Gaming Peripherals

Gaming Maus
Gaming Tastatur
Gaming Monitore
Gaming Monitore

The gaming peripherals complement the gaming hardware. A gaming monitor with a screen diagonal of 24 to 27 inches, a good refresh rate and a response time of less than 3 milliseconds offers the best conditions for gaming. Games are controlled via a gaming mouse or gaming keyboard. A gaming mouse with 2,000 dpi is perfectly adequate. The gaming keyboard should have special functions and be equipped with n-key rollover and anti-ghosting. However, games can also be controlled with joysticks and steering wheels. A special gaming headset provides the best sound.


Gaming Gehäuse
CPU kühler
Gaming Gehäuselüfter

Modding, which is especially popular among gamers, means adapting the hardware of your PC or notebook to your own ideas, either visually or technically. Cases and cooling systems offer an incredible amount of possibilities for hobbyists.

An All-In-One (AiO) water cooling system and a fan cooling system serve the same purpose: to cool the system they are installed in as well as possible. Modern cases not only offer a chic look, but are also optimized for space and flow behavior. Normal pressure, negative pressure or positive pressure systems can now be easily installed, depending on the choice and setting of the fans used. If you want your PC to look especially cool, we recommend installing RGB elements. For this, you should use a case with glass windows to present your system particularly well.

Important: If you want to use AiO cooling, your case needs enough space to install and align the radiator correctly, otherwise it can cause annoying "gurgling".

Gaming Systems

Gaming Laptop
Gaming PC

A complete gaming system offers the advantage that all installed components are optimally coordinated. It's not necessary to pick the appropriate gaming PC components yourself so that they fit together properly. Moreover, you don't have to install the parts yourself, which is a big advantage for newcomers to the gaming world. Gaming laptops are also equipped in such a way that they are optimally suited for gaming.

Gaming Accessories

Gaming steering wheel
VR Glasses
Gaming chair
Gaming mouse pad

The fast transmission of mouse movements and mouse clicks is important in gaming. Special mouse pads support the transmission. Of course, you should also sit properly while gaming. Gaming chairs provide optimal sitting comfort.

Gaming Setup Checklist - What do I need for the perfect gaming setup at home?

  • Good processor with matching CPU cooler
  • Mainboard matching the processor
  • A minimum of 32GB RAM
  • Powerful graphics card with its own cooling system
  • Plenty of storage space, at least 2 TB (SSD/HDD)
  • Cases with enough space for gaming hardware
  • Power supply with sufficient power to supply all components with power
  • Case cooler to ensure good ventilation
  • Gaming monitor with large screen diagonal and low response time
  • Gaming mouse and keyboard
  • Mousepad
  • Gaming headset for a good sound

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