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What are the best and most popular brand monitors?

The choice of monitors is very large. It is really not easy to decide which brand monitors are the best. However, there are many monitor brands that are particularly popular among customers. These include monitors from Asus, iiyama, Samsung, LG and Acer. These monitor brands offer a wide range of different models in different variants, so that you can find the right monitor for every application in the range.

What monitor brands are available?

Acer Brand Monitor
AOC Brand Monitor
Asus Brand Monitor
BenQ Brand Monitor
Dell Brand Monitor
EIZO Brand Monitor
GIGABYTE Brand Monitor
HP Brand Monitor
iiyama Brand Monitor
LG Brand Monitor
MSI Brand Monitor
Philips Brand Monitor
Samsung Brand Monitor

There are very many different monitor brands. Besides the models from Asus, iiyama, Samsung, Acer and LG, the following brands of monitors are also very popular: AOC, Philips, Dell, LG, Acer, BenQ, HP, EIZO, ViewSonic, HANNspree, MSI, Lenovo, GIGABYTE and NEC Display Solutions. In addition, there are many other smaller manufacturers.

Acer Monitors

The Acer company was founded in Taiwan in 1976. It was founded under the name Multitech, and then received its current name Acer in 1987. Besides PCs and notebooks, Acer also produces monitors, TVs, smartphones and tablets. Every branded monitor from Acer is very powerful and graphically particularly appealing. The devices are equipped with very high-quality technology and convince with their efficiency and the large product range. The sharp and detailed display that Acer monitors have are achieved through Full HD, QHD or 4k UHD resolutions. Acer offers models with a diagonal of up to 55 inches. They are ideally suited for office use, but the range also includes special models that are perfect for gaming. All models are technically up to date. Acer monitors are equipped with response times of 1 to 5 ms, they offer high refresh rates and are also available as curved models. From entry-level models to gaming monitors and premium models, Acer has everything on offer.

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AOC Monitors

AOC is a Taiwanese supplier of high-tech products, the company was founded in 1967. The main focus of the company is the production of computer monitors as well as TV screens. AOC offers a wide range of branded monitors for different purposes. Both for everyday use and for use in the office, AOC has special monitors in its range. Of course, gamers are not left out either. The models from AOC offer very attractive case designs and come with interesting features. With adjustable stands or the enlargement of the maximum viewing angle, AOC also ensures particularly good ergonomics. AOC's branded monitors are generally known for their image sharpness and good response speed. They offer a very high quality and the company keeps coming out with new innovations.

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Asus Monitors

Like many other manufacturers of branded monitors, Asus also comes from Taiwan. The company was founded in 1989 and initially focused on the production of computer hardware. Over the years, the product range was expanded, and today Asus also offers very high-quality branded monitors. In addition to professional monitors with a high resolution, which are available in different sizes, the manufacturer naturally also has classic models for office tasks in its range. Asus' gaming monitors are very popular among professional PC gamers. They are equipped with technologies that can provide the decisive advantage in gaming. They also feature G-Sync, this technology ensures a smooth and very sharp image, thus games are played without any delay. Asus monitors are available in different price ranges, so everyone will find the right monitor. 4K, Full HD or WQHD, the selection is large.

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BenQ Monitors

BenQ is also a Taiwanese manufacturer. The company offers high-tech products and was founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of the computer manufacturer Multitech, later Acer. The original name was Acer Peripherals, and the company was renamed BenQ in 2001. At that time, the company also became independent under its own brand. Today, BenQ is one of the largest suppliers of branded monitors for the PC. In addition to monitors for home and office, BenQ also offers business models. The entertainment and gaming sector is also not neglected. Particularly high-quality models can be found in the gaming and eSports categories. However, most models belong to the home and office sector. The manufacturer's monitors are particularly economical and space-saving. Business models are also almost always height-adjustable, can be tilted and swiveled, and also have the pivot function. In the gaming sector, BenQ is a very well-known and popular monitor brand. High frame rates, lowest response times and a minimal input lag ensure the great popularity of the models. All BenQ monitors are kept very simple and minimalistic. Much emphasis is also placed on ergonomics. In addition, BenQ has already received several awards for the use of innovative technologies.

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Dell Monitore

The manufacturer Dell is based in the USA, where the company was founded in 1983 under the name PCs Limited. Later, this name was changed to Dell Computer Corporation. Initially, only computer components were sold, but the range was expanded over time. Today Dell is one of the top producers of electronic devices for the computer sector. The brand monitors of the manufacturer have already received several awards and are very often used in the business sector. The devices offer very good performance, ergonomics and stability. In addition, they are also economical when it comes to energy consumption. Most models are equipped with Full HD, these models are very suitable for office applications. However, Dell also has 4k models on offer, which are especially in demand among graphic designers and creative people. However, Dell monitors are not only suitable for the business sector, but also for home use.

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EIZO Monitors

In 1968, EIZO Corporation was founded in Japan, but at that time still under the name Hakui Electronic Corporation. Initially, the company manufactured televisions. In 1973, the name was changed to Nanao Corporation, and the production of monitors for PCs began in 1981. Finally, in 1984, Hitec Associates Ltd. was founded, acting as a sales subsidiary for the European market. This company was then eventually renamed EIZO Corporation in 1990. Since then, the company has been selling monitors under the EIZO brand. However, not everyone is familiar with the EIZO brand, as the manufacturer's products are mainly used in the professional sector. In 2012, a European subsidiary was founded with headquarters in Germany. The manufacturer specializes in high-end monitors, which are mostly used in industry and in the medical field. Of course, they can also be used for the office or home use. Branded monitors from EIZO are primarily characterized by their very high quality. In addition, they also convince with reliable performance and ergonomics. Today, EIZO also offers a special series for home and office use.

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GIGABYTE is completely dedicated to high-end competitive gaming. GIGABYTE's branded monitors are therefore specifically designed for this sector. They are especially well suited for racing games and shooters. The models are equipped with refresh rates of 144 or 165 Hz, for example. Thus, there are no delays and the game always runs absolutely smoothly. When it comes to gaming, GIGABYTE is the right brand.

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HP Monitors

The Californian company HP was founded in 1939 and is one of the largest manufacturers of PCs and printers today. However, HP also has a large range of monitors to offer. A branded monitor from HP is characterized by its power-saving mode of operation. In addition, all models are very powerful and graphically appealing. The design of the devices is also very attractive. HP monitors also impress with their versatility and flexibility. Models for the office as well as for home use are available. HP manufactures monitors in different sizes, formats and resolutions. Besides HD, Dell's monitors are also available in Full HD, 4k and WQHD. Images and videos come out particularly well, and image and video editing also succeeds without problems due to the pixel-precise details.

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iiyama Monitore

From Japan comes the rather less known company iiyama. It was founded in 1973, initially the company manufactured and sold cathode ray monitors. Over the years, iiyama has maintained the industry, but since 1999, the company has only manufactured LCD flat screens. Specializing in the business sector, iiyama offers monitors of a very high standard. The P-series of the manufacturer is particularly well known, these models are very robust, as they are made of tempered glass and plastic. Currently, iiyama also puts a lot of emphasis on the production of UHD monitors. In the future, a few more new models will be released. The manufacturer also offers suitable models for home use. Many models are also equipped with a touchscreen. iiyama has also already made a name for itself in the gaming sector. Fast response times and a true-color image output make the models a good choice.

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LG monitors

The manufacturer LG Electronics comes from South Korea. The company was founded there in 1958 under the name Goldstar Co. Ltd. The company was renamed LG Electronics only in 1995. The manufacturer offers a wide range of products, including high-quality branded monitors. The monitors of the manufacturer are divided into different product types, depending on the format and the purpose of use. Monitors for gamers and graphic designers are available alongside the popular business models. TV monitors that have an integrated tuner are also available in the range. There are also 4k models and UltraWide monitors to choose from. Most models are now equipped with Full HD. The energy-saving features ensure that LG's business monitors are particularly popular. If a monitor runs all day, it is important that it only consumes as little power as possible. The Screen Split is also advantageous, with which it is possible to divide the display into up to four areas.

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MSI Monitors

The company Micro-Star International Co. Ltd, MSI for short, was founded in 1986 in Taiwan. It is a manufacturer of computer hardware. Today, MSI is a leading company in the fields of PC hardware and gaming. MSI has become known for its graphics cards and motherboards, but more recently it also offers monitors. Although MSI is a pioneer in the gaming sector, monitors have not yet been part of the product range. The manufacturer focuses on innovation, design aesthetics and an intuitive user experience for its branded monitors. MSI plays a big role in the gaming sector, and accordingly, the company also focuses on gamers and eSports professionals when manufacturing its monitors. The models are equipped with very high refresh rates and particularly short response times. Of course, they also feature G-Sync or Free-Sync. MSI relies on Samsung models for the panels. MSI monitors are available in formats from 24 to 38 inches and with a resolution from Full HD to 4k.

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Philips monitors

Philips is a manufacturer of healthcare technology and home appliances, founded back in 1891. The company originates from the Netherlands. Over the years, the priorities have changed again and again, and today Philips specializes in the Personal Health division. In the consumer electronics sector, there is a licensing agreement that allows the Chinese company TPV Technology to use the Philips brand. A number of innovative monitors have already been launched under the Philips monitor brand. They can be used for image editing, office applications, gaming or playing multimedia content. Very practical are the intelligent system solutions with which the devices are equipped. For example, a personal sensor helps to save energy. If the user moves away from the screen, the power supply is reduced by up to 80 percent. Given the ever-increasing energy prices, this is not only a very good solution for the business sector, but also for private users.

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Samsung Monitors

The Samsung company has a very long tradition, it was already founded in 1938 in South Korea. Initially, the company traded in food products, but in the late 1970s Samsung expanded into the technology sector. Until today, Samsung has become one of the world's leading companies in the electronics industry. Samsung's focus is on the production of flat-screen televisions, but it also manufactures many other products, including smartphones, tablets, home appliances and computer hardware. Branded monitors can also be found in Samsung's range. They are especially popular because they offer a very good price-performance ratio. The models are well-made and always offer new technologies. For example, Samsung was one of the first manufacturers to offer curved monitors. UHD monitors are also very popular. Of course, Samsung also offers the absolute classics, Full HD monitors. Today, Samsung is one of the leading suppliers worldwide in the field of monitors.

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Why buy a monitor from a well-known brand?

Most manufacturers of well-known monitor brands can already look back on a very long history. Over the years, they have gained a lot of experience that they can now incorporate into their products. Moreover, well-known brands have the opportunity to constantly develop new technologies and incorporate them into the devices. The quality of the products also plays an important role, which is usually particularly high with well-known monitor brands. Well-known monitor brands also offer a certain quality assurance. This quality plays a very important role today, after all, everyone wants to have a product that exactly meets their expectations. Branded monitors are best able to meet these expectations.