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Laptop upgrade Thumb

Laptop upgrade

Created: December,2 2022

Is it possible to upgrade a laptop? That is the question we are dealing with in this Techblog post. Which parts of a laptop can be replaced or upgraded? How much does it cost to upgrade a laptop? Are there other possibilities with external extensions and components to make the laptop faster and more modern again. We have compiled all tips and tricks in the article Upgrade Laptop.

Replacing the pc power supply unit Thumb

Replacing the pc power supply unit

Created: December,1 2022

A new power supply Unit for the PC is needed. But how do I replace it? We answer this question in detail on the Techblog. We explain step by step what you have to pay attention to when changing the PC PSU. In addition, there is more comprehensive information about power supplies. Read now!

Replace Laptop battery Thumb

Replace Laptop battery

Created: November, 30 2022

When the laptop gets into the years, then you also quickly notice that the battery no longer lasts so long. In our Techblog we give tips to recognize a weak laptop battery, how to replace it and what tricks there are so that a laptop battery lasts longer.

Water cooling vs. air cooling Thumb

Water cooling vs. air cooling

Created: November, 29 2022

The two most popular ways to cool a processor are air cooling and water cooling. But which type is better? We make the ultimate comparison. What are the differences between air and water cooling and are there any applications where one type of CPU cooling is the clear winner?

Replacing thermal paste Thumb

Replacing thermal paste

Created: November, 25 2022

CPU and graphics cards can develop high temperatures when working with the PC. To ensure that the heat can be dissipated well via the cooler, it is recommended to renew the thermal paste regularly. How to remove and replace old thermal paste is explained in our Techblog article.

Switching HDD to SSD Thumb

Switching HDD to SSD

Created: November, 14 2022

The old HardDrive (HDD) is slow, noisy and getting on in years. Now the question is whether to upgrade to a new HDD or a modern SSD. We reveal in our Techblog how this works and what you have to consider when upgrading to an SSD.

Reassigning F keys Thumb

Reassigning F keys

Created: November, 11 2022

The function keys, also called F keys, perform certain actions on a laptop or PC. You can also adapt these to your own requirements. We reveal which functions the F-keys have and how you can reassign them with other functions. Especially on small keyboards and notebooks, many keys have duplicate functions. Read more about this on the Techblog.

Slow internet - What can i do Thumb

Slow internet - What can i do?

Created: November, 10 2022

You've actually booked a fast Internet line with a provider, but the Internet is still slow. What can you do to make surfing faster again? We give practical and useful tips about Internet speed and common sources of errors on the Techblog. Learn more now!

Find the right laptop charger Thumb

Find the right laptop charger

Created: October, 28 2022

Finding the right laptop power adapter is sometimes more difficult than expected. There are some universal power supplies on the market, but they are not designed for every type of laptop. What to consider when buying a laptop charging adapter? Which is better, the original laptop charging power cord or the universal one? The Terchblog reveals how to find the perfect laptop power supply.

How to format an SD Card

How to format an SD Card

Created: October 21 2022

In this techblog we show how to format SD cards. For every problem with the SD card we have a solution. Unprotect, format using cell phone and computer and also format with special programs. Read now!

Upgrade USB 2.0 to 3.0 Thumb

Upgrade USB 2.0 to 3.0

Created: October, 21 2022

If you want to reach the full performance of a USB 3.0 device, but your computer still has USB 2.0, you have to upgrade the USB ports. How to upgrade to USB 3.0 quickly and easily and what other options you have, you can read in our latest Techblog article.

How much power consumes my PC Thumb

How much power consumes my PC

Created: October, 12 2022

The power consumption of a computer or laptop depends on how it is used. In the Techblog we look at the average power consumption of the PC, how you can easily calculate it yourself and which PC components are real energy guzzlers. We also give useful tips on how to reduce the final energy consumption of the computer.