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Replace Laptop battery Thumb

Replace Laptop battery

Update: 12. April 2024 | Created: 30. November 2022

When the laptop gets into the years, then you also quickly notice that the battery no longer lasts so long. In our Techblog we give tips to recognize a weak laptop battery, how to replace it and what tricks there are so that ... Read now!

Find the right laptop charger Thumb

Find the right laptop charger

Update: 10. April 2024 | Create: 22. October 2022

Finding the right laptop power adapter is sometimes more difficult than expected. There are some universal power supplies on the market, but they are not designed for every type of laptop. What to consider when buying ... Read now!

The right PC fan control Thumb

The right PC fan control

Update: 27. March 2024 | Create: 02. January 2023

So you’re totally satisfied with your PC, but there’s something that really irks you: the sound of the fans. Even when you don’t put too much load on your computer and only run simple office applications, the fans in your PC operate ... Read now!

Mount graphics card Thumb

Mount graphics card

Update: 26. March 2024 | Create: 06. January 2023

A new graphics card is needed because games and videos no longer run smoothly and the display of the games could be better. It can be worthwhile to replace the old graphics card with a new one. All information about ... Read now!

True Wireless headset

True Wireless headset

Created: October, 06 2023

What is a True Wireless headset, and what advantages do they have over other headsets? We explore the pros and cons of True Wireless Over-Ear and In-Ear headsets in this tech blog post. Read now!

Distance to the TV

Distance to the TV

Created: October, 06 2023

What is the perfect seating distance from the television? Is there such a thing as being too close or too far away? Explore practical tables that show the recommended distance for different sizes and resolutions of your television. Read now!

Deleting cookies on a smartphone Thumb

Deleting cookies on a smartphone

Created: August, 15 2023

Many cookies also accumulate on mobile phones. You need to know where to find and delete them. We provide instructions for both Android and iOS on how to delete these cookies. Read it now and discover step-by-step guides for each type of mobile phone.

Wireless charging Thumb

How does wireless charging work?

Created: August, 14 2023

Charging a cell phone without a cable isn't new. But what technology is behind it? Our Techblog sheds light on this topic, revealing the requirements for wireless charging, addressing whether it consumes more power, and exploring the benefits of inductive phone charging.

Recover data from hard drive Thumb

Recover data from hard drive

Created: January, 09 2023

It's a terrifying prospect for any user: storing important documents and pictures on an hard drive, only to have it start making odd noises or break down unexpectedly, leaving you unable to back up your data. But it doesn't just have to be technical flaws that result in data loss, human errors can also lead to it. Here's how to recover data from a hard drive. Check it out now!

The meaning of Mbit/s Thumb

The meaning of Mbit/s

Created: December, 31 2022

You can quickly get stuck in a traffic jam on the data highway. Then the websites load slowly while surfing and the online game jerks. In this blog post about Mbps and data speed, we explain everything about fast surfing. How you can test and increase your Internet speed.

Cleaning your PC Thumb

Cleaning your PC

Created: December, 28 2022

If the PC is used for a long time, then dirt and dust collect inside. This can cause the computer and components to heat up faster. If you want to clean your PC, check out the new Techblog. Here we explain step by step how to clean the PC without leaving any damage.

The peripheral polling rate Thumb

The peripheral polling rate

Created: December, 25 2022

Whenever you click on the mouse or keyboard, a request is sent to the PC. Especially in online gaming, this information should be sent quickly so that you are not fast game over. What exactly is polling rate on peripherals, how to measure it and what you can do to improve the polling rate, we now reveal in our Techblog.

Connecting up a TV Thumb

Connecting up a TV

Created: December, 22 2022

What do you need to connect a TV? This question is answered by the latest Techblog and gives tips on what to look out for in the various connection types, cable, satellite or Internet. Read now!

Discord vs Teamspeak Thumb

Discord vs Teamspeak

Created: December, 19 2022

Especially in the gaming context you will find the team chats Discord and Teamspeak. But which of the two team chats is the best? We took a look at both and compared them. Purpose, security, installation and features were put to the test. Read now in the Techblog!

Repair your smartphone display Thumb

Repair your smartphone display

Created: December, 16 2022

The display is broken and now? How can I fix it myself? Techblog now has a tutorial on how to repair broken cell phone displays. Try it out now and replace the broken smartphone display yourself.

USB stick not recognized Thumb

USB stick not recognized

Created: December, 13 2022

What to do if the USB stick is suddenly no longer read by the laptop. In the Techblog we show how to repair a defective USB flash drive and rescue the data. We show the many reasons why the device suddenly no longer reads a memory stick and much more.

Laptop upgrade Thumb

Laptop upgrade

Created: December, 2 2022

Is it possible to upgrade a laptop? That is the question we are dealing with in this Techblog post. Which parts of a laptop can be replaced or upgraded? How much does it cost to upgrade a laptop? Are there other possibilities with external extensions and components to make the laptop faster and more modern again. We have compiled all tips and tricks in the article Upgrade Laptop.

Replacing the pc power supply unit Thumb

Replacing the pc power supply unit

Created: December, 1 2022

A new power supply Unit for the PC is needed. But how do I replace it? We answer this question in detail on the Techblog. We explain step by step what you have to pay attention to when changing the PC PSU. In addition, there is more comprehensive information about power supplies. Read now!

Water cooling vs. air cooling Thumb

Water cooling vs. air cooling

Created: November, 29 2022

The two most popular ways to cool a processor are air cooling and water cooling. But which type is better? We make the ultimate comparison. What are the differences between air and water cooling and are there any applications where one type of CPU cooling is the clear winner?

Replacing thermal paste Thumb

Replacing thermal paste

Created: November, 25 2022

CPU and graphics cards can develop high temperatures when working with the PC. To ensure that the heat can be dissipated well via the cooler, it is recommended to renew the thermal paste regularly. How to remove and replace old thermal paste is explained in our Techblog article.

Switching HDD to SSD Thumb

Switching HDD to SSD

Created: November, 14 2022

The old HardDrive (HDD) is slow, noisy and getting on in years. Now the question is whether to upgrade to a new HDD or a modern SSD. We reveal in our Techblog how this works and what you have to consider when upgrading to an SSD.

Reassigning F keys Thumb

Reassigning F keys

Created: November, 11 2022

The function keys, also called F keys, perform certain actions on a laptop or PC. You can also adapt these to your own requirements. We reveal which functions the F-keys have and how you can reassign them with other functions. Especially on small keyboards and notebooks, many keys have duplicate functions. Read more about this on the Techblog.

Slow internet - What can i do Thumb

Slow internet - What can i do?

Created: November, 10 2022

You've actually booked a fast Internet line with a provider, but the Internet is still slow. What can you do to make surfing faster again? We give practical and useful tips about Internet speed and common sources of errors on the Techblog. Learn more now!

How to format an SD Card

How to format an SD Card

Created: October 21 2022

In this techblog we show how to format SD cards. For every problem with the SD card we have a solution. Unprotect, format using cell phone and computer and also format with special programs. Read now!

Upgrade USB 2.0 to 3.0 Thumb

Upgrade USB 2.0 to 3.0

Created: October, 21 2022

If you want to reach the full performance of a USB 3.0 device, but your computer still has USB 2.0, you have to upgrade the USB ports. How to upgrade to USB 3.0 quickly and easily and what other options you have, you can read in our latest Techblog article.

How much power consumes my PC Thumb

How much power consumes my PC

Created: October, 12 2022

The power consumption of a computer or laptop depends on how it is used. In the Techblog we look at the average power consumption of the PC, how you can easily calculate it yourself and which PC components are real energy guzzlers. We also give useful tips on how to reduce the final energy consumption of the computer.