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Why is it worth buying a monitor novelty?

There is a good reason why a large number of monitor novelties come onto the market every year: Innovations. The market for PC monitors is so big today that manufacturers have to keep releasing new monitors with innovative features and functions in order to offer their customers the best possible user experience. New monitors are usually equipped with many new features that older models do not offer. However, it is often a new PC that necessitates the purchase of a new monitor. This is especially often the case in the gaming sector.

Gaming PCs today are technical marvels, equipped with the latest components that are particularly powerful. Above all, the graphics card plays a big role here. The better it is, the more advantages gamers have when playing games. However, these advantages can only be played out if the monitor can also convert the signals of the graphics card correctly. Often, only the newest monitors can keep up with the new technology. Even when PCs are upgraded, it makes sense to look around for suitable PC monitor innovations. Another reason is that new monitors are usually easier on the eyes. This is especially important for those who work or play on the PC for many hours every day. Monitor novelties always offer many features that increase the user experience, no matter if the monitor is used for gaming, surfing or office applications.

What technology is in the latest monitors?

It depends on the intended use, which technology is processed in the latest monitors. Most monitors today are specialized for certain purposes. An office monitor uses different technology than a gaming monitor. While ergonomics are very important for an office monitor and technology that is as easy on the eyes as possible is used, the refresh rate and resolution play a big role for gaming monitors. All monitor innovations are now equipped with Full HD. This resolution is sufficient for office applications, browsing the Internet and streaming content. Gamers need monitor novelties with a particularly good resolution, the latest models today already offer 4k, which means a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Completely new monitor novelties in 2022 are 8k monitors, which offer a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels.

Gaming monitors are also equipped with G-Sync and FreeSync technologies, both of which ensure smooth gaming. A model with HDR offers a high dynamic range, which makes light and shadows more lifelike. Cheap monitors and gaming models are equipped with TN panels, but most PC monitor novelties have an IPS panel. A swivel function, also known as pivot, is now offered by many new 2022 monitors. This function ensures that the monitor can be rotated into portrait mode. This is very useful for many office tasks. In addition, many new monitors also offer more ports than older models. Many have two HDMI ports, several USB slots and DVI and DisplayPort.

What should you no longer be able to do without in a monitor?

Panel type

The panel type always plays an important role for a monitor. The TN panel is still the most common, but the new standard is now IPS, which is what a new monitor should be equipped with. These panels show contrasts and color saturation particularly intensively. One advantage is that the image is true to color even when viewed from different angles. New monitors with IPS panels are therefore the first choice for creatives working in image and video editing.

A short reaction time

The shortest possible response time does not only play a big role in gaming. The response time is the time that the signal needs from the PC to the monitor. Most new monitor releases in 2022 today have a maximum response time of 5 milliseconds. Good gaming monitors usually have a response time of 1 ms.

A very good resolution is part of it

Every new monitor today is equipped with Full HD. This is the standard that every model should have. For passionate gamers, UHD is the best resolution.

A monitor should be rotatable, tiltable or swivelable

This is especially important when working on a PC for many hours a day or when different employees work on the same computer. If a monitor can be swiveled, rotated and tilted, it can always be adjusted appropriately, which ensures good ergonomics.

Is Curved a trend in monitor innovations?

Curved is definitely a trend among monitor innovations today. While curved models used to be something for gamers, they can now be found more and more often on office desks. Many creatives and designers also already appreciate the advantages of curved monitors. Manufacturers are reacting to this and are increasingly launching curved models on the market.

What else should a new monitor have to make work easier?

The size plays an important role. Monitors used in the office should be at least 22 inches, but at best 24 inches. Gamers will be able to play better with larger monitors with more than 30 inches. However, the adjustment options are also important so that the monitor can always be optimally adapted to the user. In order to be able to work as eye-friendly as possible, the color profile also plays a big role. If this is set optimally, eye strain can be avoided. Sufficient color depth and rich colors are important for this.