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Replacing the pc power supply unit Thumb

Replacing the pc power supply unit

A new power supply unit for your PC is needed. But how do you replace it? We provide detailed answers to this question on our Techblog. We explain step by step what you need to consider when changing the PC PSU. Additionally, you'll find comprehensive information about power supplies. Read now!

Water cooling vs. air cooling Thumb

Water cooling vs. air cooling

The two most popular methods of cooling a processor are air cooling and water cooling. But which type is superior? We present the ultimate comparison, exploring the differences between air and water cooling, and determining if there are any specific applications where one method clearly outperforms the other.

Switching HDD to SSD Thumb

Switching HDD to SSD

The old hard drive (HDD) is slow, noisy, and aging. Now the question is whether to upgrade to a new HDD or a modern SSD. In our Techblog, we reveal how this process works and provide essential considerations when upgrading to an SSD.

Buy Hardware - Customize Your PC with Powerful Components

In the world of computers, the internal parts that make up the system are known as hardware. These PC components are always getting better and more powerful, with new options coming out each year. You do not have to buy a whole new computer to enjoy better performance. By upgrading the right hardware components, you can make your computer faster and more capable. Discover our wide range of high-quality components and take your computer to the next level.

Finding and purchasing the perfect hardware is easy when you shop at our computeruniverse hardware store. We offer a vast selection of the latest and most advanced hardware components available. No matter if you need PC components for gaming, professional tasks, or general computing, our store has everything you are looking for.

Whether you are a fan of ready-made PCs or want to build your dream computer yourself, our hardware store has the right components for you. From processors and graphics cards to memory modules, motherboards, power supplies, and more, we have everything you need to tune up your computer and enjoy a new level of performance.

PC Components - Upgrade Your Computer or Assemble a New One

When it comes to PC performance, every component matters. That is why choosing the right PC case is crucial. It needs to have the right size to fit all your components perfectly. With a wide range of PC case models available, you can find the perfect one to suit your needs.

Acting as the central hub, motherboards connect all the parts of your computer and determine the compatibility of various hardware components. Their design and features define the types and configurations of components that can be installed. The heart of your computer, a processor is responsible for executing tasks and delivering performance. Upgrading your processor can significantly boost speed and multitasking capabilities, giving you a smoother and more efficient experience.

For gamers and those into image and video editing, the graphics card is an essential component. It makes your gaming experience smooth and visually impressive. Upgrade your graphics card to enjoy higher resolutions, realistic graphics, and enhanced gameplay. If your computer is slowing down, there is a simple solution: upgrade your RAM. Adding more RAM can significantly boost your computer's speed and overall performance.

It is also important to ensure that the power supply you choose has sufficient wattage to meet the power requirements of your processor, graphics card, and other hardware, as well as any future upgrades you may have in mind. So do not forget to choose a reliable PC power supply to ensure a consistent power source.

Modding and Network Accessories for Enhanced Setup

If you are not a fan of plain and visually boring computers, you can effortlessly turn yours into something extraordinary. At our computeruniverse store, you will discover a wide range of PC modding components. Personalize your PC with colourful RGB components or create a stunning visual effect with eye-catching case lighting. You can even replace your entire case with our huge selection of suitable options. For those seeking effective and quiet cooling solutions, consider installing a water cooling system in your computer. If you are looking for improved performance, we also offer compatible motherboards and other components.

Do you always want to stay connected, no matter where you are? Ensure you have the optimal network connection at home with our selection of network hardware products. Select a powerful Wi-Fi router to create a strong and stable home network. Extend your Wi-Fi coverage with Wi-Fi repeaters to ensure everyone in your household enjoys a reliable wireless connection.