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Connect the Washing Machine

The new washing machine has arrived. But how do I connect it now? We will show you how to install the washing machine yourself in just a few simple steps. Read on!

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Washing Machine Stinks

Is your washing machine smelling musty and unpleasant? Wondering about the causes and how to get rid of the smell using simple tricks and household remedies? In our at-home blog, you can find all the information you need to quickly address smelly washing machine problems.

How to clean the hob Thumb

How to Clean the Hob

Do you want to make your ceramic hob shine again? Then you've come to the right place! In our at-home blog, you will learn how to properly clean and care for various types of hobs—whether they're ceramic, induction, or gas hobs. We will guide you through the best cleaning products, home remedies, and methods for every situation. Read on now!

Useful Home Appliances for an Ideal Living Space

Small kitchen appliances make food and drink preparation easier. When thinking about purchasing household appliances, consider personal care devices and medical measuring equipment. Our online household store offers a variety of appliances that enhance convenience in your daily life. Equipping your home with these appliances not only saves time but also money. Buying household appliances online at computeruniverse is simple. Explore our range to select the perfect appliances that suit your lifestyle perfectly.

Practical and Efficient Home Appliances

Toasters, coffee makers, kettles, microwaves, meat grinders, deep fryers, hand mixers, and hand blenders are commonly found in many households. These electric kitchen appliances help speed up tasks in the kitchen, making cooking easier and faster.

Maintaining cleanliness is essential to you, but you do not want to spend hours every day sweeping and mopping. The good news is that you do not have to! We offer a wide selection of vacuum cleaners and cleaning equipment for you to choose from.

Air purifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, and air conditioners are essential for maintaining our comfort, health, and overall quality of life within indoor spaces. They help regulate temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness, ensuring that you can live, work, and relax in environments that promote well-being.

Personal care devices are there to support your daily hygiene routine. Hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, shavers, epilators, and similar products save you valuable time in the bathroom.

Smart Home Devices - Effortless Control for Your Household

Coffee. Not just regular coffee, but strong and energizing. And sometimes, in the afternoon, you might want a cappuccino. A bean-to-cup coffee machine proves its worth, satisfying all your coffee desires. our computeruniverse store covers everything from coffee beans to automatic coffee machines.

You are a fan of technology, and turning your house into a smart home is high on your list. Our store has the right smart home devices to assist with that. Smart plugs make it easy to switch things on and off, even in hard-to-reach spots. Smart thermostats ensure the right room temperature, and you can manage them through an app, whether you're at home or not. Imagine coming back to a warm room. Smart lighting, combined with suitable light bulbs, creates a wonderful atmosphere. With modern smart home gadgets, you're in charge of your home, no matter where you are.