IT Security Guideline

Executive Management of computeruniverse (A brand of Cyberport SE) authored the IT security guideline below with the aim of protecting confidential company and customer information as well as of ensuring the permanent availability of all data and data processing systems.

The IT security guideline defines the intended IT security level needed to help the company fulfil its tasks. The IT security guideline summarises the company´s IT security objectives and the IT security strategies applied. It therefore is both a claim to and a confirmation of the fact that the required IT security level will be achieved at all strata of the business organisation.

IT being of key strategic and operative importance to computeruniverse and its tasks, the total security level is rated "High". The following IT security objectives ensue:

  • Protection of confidential customer and company information
  • High availability and integrity of all IT systems
  • Safekeeping of all values invested in technology, information, processes and knowledge
  • Safeguarding of the high value of processed information which may be irretrievable
  • Safeguarding of the quality of information as the basis of proper job handling and organisational decision-making
  • Compliance with statutory regulations and requirements
  • Securing the continuity of the company´s internal processes
  • Ensuring a good public reputation of the company
  • Reduction of costs caused by damages

computeruniverse makes ongoing efforts to maintain this security level by means of suitable actions and strategies. These include:

  • Encrypted transfer of confidential information such as personal and transaction data
  • Confidentiality clause in the labour contracts of all employees with special regard to personalised data
  • Access to all systems and data protected by password and given to specified personnel only
  • Redundant systems in all critical areas
  • Regular data backups, password-protected backup media are kept at separate locations
  • Virus scanners and obligation to obtain approval prior to installing software on workstations or servers
  • Automatic monitoring of customer-oriented service availability and quality (website link)
  • Automatic web server checks for security gaps
  • Building security

Executive Management teams with the relevant departments regularly revise and update the IT security guideline and its implementation with respect to the current situation.

All staff are regularly informed of and instructed as to the use of the security guideline, its implementation and any updates as may occur from time to time.

Executive Management

Created on 22 February 2001
Last updated on 22 February 2016

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