Quality Rules

Consistently meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers marks our strife for compliance with high quality standards both on our website and when handling orders or answering inquiries and complaints.

This quality standard includes:

Rule 1: Business methods

Our customers are the basis of our success. We therefore aim at providing our customers with the best purchasing service and security possible under every aspect, be it the design and layout of our website, the handling of orders or the after-sales service.

With the exception of the products sold on the returned goods page, all our products are original manufacturer goods including the complete scope of delivery and functionality plus unrestricted warranty. We never sell products from reimport or grey import transactions or goods not intended for the German market or normal trade.

Rule 2: Up-to-date information

Our website and our product catalogue are always up-to-date and our prices are updated several times a day. This ensures that the invoice price equals the order price even if prices increase in the meantime (one exception being approx. prices of announced sales or price or transmission errors). The e-mail information system is our means of continuously and automatically informing our customers of the current status of their orders.

Rule 3: Order handling

To be in complete control of reliable order handling procedures, we developed the order handling software ourselves and also keep the entire logistics chain under our roof. This enables us to respond to post-placement changes requested by our customers at short notice and to make adaptations as appropriate.

Orders are entered via the shopping cart on our website. This process is usually fully automatic and free from typing or other input mistakes on our part. Commissioning and dispatch are subject to our proprietary barcode system for goods and package control, again warranting almost error-free handling routines. Once the goods have been handed over to the carrier, our parcel tracking ensures complete transparence.

Through our Online Order Management system customers with an Online Customer Account can view the status of their orders online, as well as cancel orders or carry out refunds.

Rule 4: Cancellation, return, refund, replacement, repairs

We work in conformity with German Civil Code regulation sections 312d, 355, 357 (the former “remote sales act”) which give you the greatest security and comfort with your orders. (further information) Returns are handled immediately after we received them and completed as requested by the customer. Refunds or replacements are therefore made very quickly.

Any failed or defect goods which are subject to the implied warranty statutes and are returned within the 24 months´ warranty period are immediately forwarded to the relevant manufacturer and returned to the customer free of charge following replacement or repair. In case there is a possibility of faster direct return to the manufacturer our service team are looking forward to helping you out with the relevant addresses and procedures.

These rules apply to private consumers. Our business with companies, merchants and public organisations is governed by the Commercial Code.

Rule 5: Response to complaints and feedback

Please contact our service team if you have any complaints, suggestions or other feedback. The team are available via e-mail and, on Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm, over the phone. Telephone inquiries are handled immediately, e-mails are usually answered within 24 hours.

If in doubt, justified complaints are decided in the best of the customer´s interest.

Customers making us aware of mistakes or errors on our website or in our system will find that their suggestions are verified immediately and problems removed as soon as possible.

Rule 6: Security and privacy

Personalised data and the data required for payment transactions is transferred via a SSL-encrypted data channel.

We store and use personalised data – including your postal address and e-mail address – for order handling and return delivery purposes only. E-mail addresses are used for sending information on the order, and – if the customer doesn´t disagree – for customer care information, as well as for our own newsletter, if requested.

We never buy or collect address data from other sources and never disclose personalised data to third parties. Excepted from this rule are our service partners who require a data transfer for the purpose of order handling. These partners include Deutsche Post (German Mail), UPS and our banks (e.g. hire purchasing). In these cases, the set of data transferred is reduced to the required minimum.
Please refer to our privacy policy and our IT security guideline.

Access to customer data is given to specially trained staff only. These persons are obliged by contract to treat the data confidentially.

Rule 7: Quality assurance

The founders of the company have years of experience in the mail order business. Based on this experience, the quality of our system has been permanently improved and by now excels in its degree of security and flexibility.

We still dedicate our efforts to further optimising the system and its processes with regard to permanent quality improvement. The management regularly checks all processes and initiates practical extensions and adaptations as appropriate.

Any errors or problems occurring are immediately analysed and the required solutions are implemented.

Bad Homburg, 22 Feburary 2001
Executive Management
(last revised on July 30th 2014)

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