Product reviews: Your opinion counts

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Have you bought a product from computeruniverse and already had the chance to test it? We would be delighted if you would share your experience of the product by writing a review! Your opinion can help other customers to decide whether to buy it or not, and is also valuable feedback for us.

If you have a customer account with us and are registered for the bonus points programme, you can collect up to 200 bonus points for your product review!

Produktbewertung Sterne

How to review a product

1. Find the product:

Find the product you would like to review. Please only review products that you have actually used.

2. Open the feedback form:

You can open the feedback form by clicking on the stars next to the product or by selecting the tab ´Reviews´ below the article. In both cases, you will see the button ´Review Product´ that you have to click on. The feedback form will then open.

3. Writing a review:

In the feedback form, you can award stars and highlight strengths and weaknesses using keywords. In the ‘Description´ field, you then have the opportunity to expand and complete your review in a freely written text. Last but not least, you can still decide whether you would like to recommend the purchase of the product or not.