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The term software refers to all non-physical components of a computer. In addition to the operating system, this also includes all other programs that are installed on a PC. The most important software is therefore the operating system. Almost as important is also the appropriate virus protection. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time on the Internet. Protect yourself and your data with the appropriate Internet security software and special antivirus programs. You can buy this software online. But there is much more software for the PC. You can equip computers with different software in our software store.

Write texts, create tables or edit images, with the right productive software this is no problem at all. Whether you use the programs privately or for business, in our store you can buy the right software. We also offer computer software for self-employed people, for example accounting software.

Software for work and private

Office software is very important in the professional field. But also for private use this software is often used. Very popular is the Microsoft Office software. Word processing, spreadsheets or presentations, everything is possible with it.

Photo editing programs are optimal for turning a simple picture or graphic into a real masterpiece.

Very important for any computer is an effective antivirus software. This is true for any computer that you frequently use to access the Internet. A virus can cause great damage to your PC. Protect yourself and your data.

Software - absolutely necessary or simply practical

There is software that is absolutely necessary to be able to use a PC at all. This software is called an operating system. Without such an operating system, a computer cannot be used. Since today just about every computer is used to go on the Internet, an antivirus program should also be among the software that absolutely must be installed on a computer. The risk of the system being infected by a virus and, in the worst case, having all data destroyed or important data stolen, is simply too great.

Software such as office programs or office software is not absolutely necessary, but makes working with the PC much easier. Writing a text or creating an Excel spreadsheet can be done quickly and easily. When buying software, you should always make sure that it meets the requirements that are placed on it. It should also be easy to use.

In our computeruniverse store you will find the right software for every application. Utilities, Photo editing programs, accounting software and much more we have on offer. Especially interesting for self-employed people is our software around finances like tax software, financial software and accounting software. Passionate gamers will find a wide range of gaming software.

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