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Why should you buy a smartphone novelty?

Technology is making great strides in all areas. Despite the fact that so many innovations have already been released, there are new technologies, features and functions every year that make every smartphone a lot better than its predecessor. The integrated cameras in particular are constantly improving and offer more and more possibilities to take very good photos. Meanwhile, many cameras are so good that a separate digital camera is completely superfluous. Smartphone novelties are much better due to these innovations and further developments and can also be used more flexibly.

What technology are the latest cell phone innovations?

  • Large display
    For a long time, the size of a smartphone's display did not change that much. Some manufacturers even relied on smaller displays. But that is over now, because the smartphone novelties 2022 are characterized by a large display, among other things.
  • Much storage capacity
    However, an important feature of the cell phone novelties is that they offer particularly large storage space. Models like the Apple iPhone 13 Pro, for example, offer up to 1 TB of storage space. This ensures that really all photos, videos and documents can be stored on the smartphone.
  • Quad Band
    Quad Band is the feature of a smartphone to be able to support four GSM frequencies. This makes it compatible with most networks worldwide. This means that a quad band smartphone can be used to make calls anywhere in the world. This feature is especially handy for those who travel a lot and don't want to constantly change cell phones. A feature that new cell phones should definitely be equipped with in 2022.
  • Fingerprint sensor
    Security is becoming increasingly important, even in the smartphone sector. A thief only needs seconds to steal a smartphone. It also often happens that in all the stress of everyday life, the device is simply forgotten somewhere and found by someone else. With the fingerprint sensor, it is possible to effectively protect the device. Codes can be cracked, a fingerprint is individual. This feature for more security and protection of data on the smartphone bring many cell phone novelties.

What should you no longer do without in a cell phone novelty?

What was innovative a few years ago is now an absolute standard. There are some features that a cell phone novelty should definitely bring along.

  • Camera with high resolution
    Many smartphones today are no longer used primarily to make phone calls, but to take photos. Most people have their smartphone with them every day, but not their digital camera. There are many beautiful moments that should be captured on a photo. A smartphone camera is the easiest way to do that. That is why a smartphone novelty today should definitely have a camera that at least meets the 64 megapixel standard.
  • Dual SIM
    One smartphone for work and another for personal use, that can be very complicated. Much better are smartphones with dual SIM. These make it possible to use two SIM cards in one phone. This means that it is possible to easily accommodate the SIM card of the business phone and the private card in the device. Anyone who travels a lot for business will appreciate this feature.
  • 3D or multitouch
    Smartphone trends in 2022 also include devices equipped with 3D Touch or Multitouch. 3D Touch means that there are three different pressure levels on the display that can be used to record touches of different strengths. Models with multitouch have the ability to recognize and resolve at least two touch points simultaneously. The display is interwoven with conductive threads. As soon as the user places a finger on it, the current flow is interrupted and an input is recognized. Unlike conventional displays, which only recognize one input, multitouch displays perceive multiple inputs simultaneously.
  • NFC
    NFC is an absolute must for new smartphone models. Some older devices are already equipped with it, but new cell phones should definitely offer NFC. NFC is the abbreviation for "Near Field Communication" and is used for data transfer and payment processes, but also for charging the smartphone. All these actions can be done contactlessly, as it is a radio standard for wireless data transmission. It allows communication between two elements that are in close proximity to each other. Due to this close proximity, this method is considered very secure. A good reason to only choose smartphone novelties with NFC.
  • Face recognition
    Face recognition is another function that serves to protect the phone. It is possible to set the phone so that it can only be unlocked when the owner's face has been recognized. Besides the fingerprint sensor, face recognition is a second important security measure that protects all data on the phone.
  • Unframed
    Today, smartphone novelties should no longer come with a bezel. Frameless phones offer the advantage that a larger display can be accommodated in a compact casing. The edge, which cannot otherwise be used, is integrated into the display, which thus offers a larger surface.