FAQ: Warranty and guarantee


Warranty is a period prescribed by law, which is 2 years for consumers (entrepreneurs: 1 year). For this purpose, the defect in the device must have already existed at the time of handover of the object of purchase. Within the first 6 months, it is generally assumed in favour of the consumer that the defect existed from the beginning (unless the nature of the defect would exclude this). After that, however, the buyer must prove this. 

In the case of warranty, the consumer has the choice of subsequent performance: he can demand the removal of the defect (repair) or the delivery of a defect-free item (replacement), whereby this replacement can be of the same age and is not to be equated with a brand-new replacement, this must merely function perfectly. In both cases, the seller must be given a reasonable period of time to carry out the supplementary performance. In the case of entrepreneurs, the seller has the choice of the type of subsequent performance. 

A conversion (withdrawal from the purchase contract) or a reduction (of the purchase price) is only possible if the seller refuses subsequent performance, after the deadline has expired or after 2 unsuccessful subsequent performances.  

In the event of a withdrawal from the purchase contract in the above-mentioned cases, compensation for the value of the benefit of use can be demanded from the buyer (usually only after at least 6 months), i.e. that he must reimburse the use he had from the purchase of the item until the conversion. This is usually achieved by a reduction of the credit, or a current value credit.

Excluded from the warranty provision are:
  • Wear and tear caused by use
  • Defects that were already known to the buyer at the time of purchase
  • Customer's own fault (e.g. improper operation, incorrect storage, etc.)
In the event of a warranty claim, the seller is the contractual and contact person. 


Guarantee is a voluntary service provided by the manufacturer and varies depending on the manufacturer and product. The terms and conditions of the guarantee, including the requirements for claiming the guarantee, can be viewed on the websites of the respective manufacturers. The contact details can be found in our manufacturer overview 

The manufacturer's guarantee is usually between 6 months and several years. We can only provide information on this individually depending on the article. As a rule, the guarantee period and conditions can be found in the manual or the guarantee documents enclosed with the item. Alternatively, you can ask the manufacturer directly or normally consult their website. Information on this can usually also be found on our website in the relevant item description. Please note that the guarantee for consumables may be very limited or may not be granted at all. In the case of an expired guarantee, goodwill solutions are more likely to be achieved if the buyer contacts the manufacturer directly.

The guarantee is therefore much more far-reaching than the warranty, as it is usually longer than the warranty and covers not only defects that were present at the time of purchase, but also all those that occur throughout the guarantee period. 

Guarantee conditions are not regulated by law, so that the manufacturer is by and large free to interpret them. Unfortunately, we as dealers have no influence whatsoever on the manufacturer's guarantee conditions. Your statutory warranty rights are not restricted by an additional manufacturer's guarantee. 

The manufacturers offer very different types of service: on-site service, direct exchange, PickUp & Return, BringIn, etc.. You will find information on this in the guarantee documents or simply ask the manufacturer. 

In the event of a guarantee claim, the manufacturer is the contractual and contact partner.