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What are the best and most popular TV brands?

The selection of good brand TVs has become very large today. Many companies have very high-quality devices in their assortment, especially popular are models from Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips and Panasonic. All manufacturers offer branded TVs in different sizes and with different display technologies. Most of the TVs sold today are smart TVs. LCD and LED TVs are still among the most popular branded TVs, but the higher-quality QLED and OLED TVs are also finding more and more fans. In terms of size, it is brand TVs with a diagonal of 55 inches that are particularly popular. Larger models starting at 60 inches come into their own best when used in large rooms.

What TV brands are there?

Grundig TV brands
Hisense TV brands
LG TV brands
Panasonic TV brands
Samsung TV brands

There are many different TV brands on the market from manufacturers all over the world. Especially well-known and popular are Samsung, Philips, LG, Sony and Panasonic, but there are several other brands. Xiaomi and Hisense are also on the rise, but classics like Grundig and Hitachi are also available, as well as rather unknown brands like Dyon, Megasat and Lenco.

Samsung TV

Samsung was founded in Daegu (South Korea) as early as 1938, albeit not as a technology company at the time, but as a trading house for foodstuffs. The founder, 28-year-old Lee Byung-chull, exported dried fish, among other things. The expansion into the technology sector took place in the period between the late 1970s and early 1980s, and it was really rapid. Today, Samsung is one of the world's leading companies in the electronics industry. Samsung's main focus is the production of flat-screen televisions, but the company also sells high-quality smartphones, tablets, washing machines, dryers and refrigerators. Today, Samsung is considered a leader in the development of high-definition televisions. Since 2008, Samsung has held the market leadership in sales of televisions. It is estimated that every third brand television sold now comes from Samsung. The devices of the manufacturer are characterized by a very good price-performance ratio. The products are also always being developed further, so they are always up to date. Furthermore, the devices also always offer many innovative solutions. One of the latest developments from Samsung is an 8k TV. Samsung TVs are available in many different variants and sizes.

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The manufacturer LG Electronics also comes from South Korea. The company was founded in 1958 under the name Goldstar Co. Ltd. From the beginning, the manufacturer has produced entertainment technology. The focus is on televisions, but LG also produces household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners, as well as radio receivers. In 1995, the company was renamed from Goldstar to LG Electronics. Since 1966, the focus of the manufacturer has been on the TV sector. Over the years, LG has always been a pioneer when it comes to new technologies. For example, the world's first HDR-capable 4k OLED TV was made by LG. LG has been in direct competition with Samsung for many years now. LG keeps developing new innovations to pass the competitor. LG is also one of the manufacturers that offer premium OLED TVs in 8k resolutions.

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Panasonic TV

In 1918, the company Mitsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in Japan, which was renamed Panasonic Corporation in 2008. However, the Panasonic brand itself was founded in 1955. The company started with the production of adapters and double sockets for incandescent lamps. Later, the product range was expanded to include electric bicycle lamps, tube radio receivers and hair dryers. To this day, Panasonic is known for its high-quality electronic devices. Especially Panasonic televisions are very popular, meanwhile every fourth television worldwide is a Panasonic. In its home country of Japan, Panasonic is even more popular than Sony, also a Japanese company. Panasonic is also becoming increasingly popular on the German market. The company offers a wide range of modern smart TVs. The devices are easy to use and offer a very good price-performance ratio. Panasonic has everything from simple LED or LCD TVs with Full HD resolution to models with 4k Ultra HD resolution and OLED TVs.

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Hisense TV

The company Hisense is also located in the Asian region, more precisely in China. The company emerged from the Qingdao No. 2 Radio Factory. This is a manufacturer that was founded in 1969. Initially, transistor radios were manufactured, but after merging with other manufacturers to form the so-called Qingdao General Television Factory, the company also began manufacturing televisions. In 1997, this finally became Hisense Electrical Co. Ltd. Hisense's focus is on televisions, but it also produces other devices such as household appliances, cell phones, air conditioners and tablets. Hisense offers some very good entry-level devices at a reasonable price. For example, the manufacturer has some HDR-capable 4k TVs on offer, some of which are a lot cheaper than comparable products from other manufacturers. According to its own information, Hisense is now the No. 1 TV brand in China, Australia and South Africa.

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Grundig TV

Grundig - this name has a long tradition in Germany. The Grundig company was founded in 1930 and was a traditional company that had become a symbol of the West German economic miracle. However, Grundig had to file for insolvency in 2003. However, the Grundig brand continues to exist and is now marketed by Beko Grundig Deutschland GmbH. Today, the Grundig brand continues to set new standards, focusing on quality, design and innovation. The brand's portfolio includes around 500 products in the fields of consumer electronics and household appliances. The brand's televisions are particularly popular. The TV sets offer brilliant images and lifelike colors. In addition to models with Full HD, Grundig also offers UHD and OLED TVs.

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Why buy a TV from a well-known brand?

Today it is not easy to become a well-known brand. Customers have high demands and naturally expect very good quality for their money. Well-known brands offer the advantage that they bring a certain quality assurance. This is one of the reasons why devices from well-known brands are sold in a large quantity. Many customers have already had a device from the brand and were satisfied with it or rely on the recommendations of other customers who are enthusiastic about the device. Well-known brands have worked hard to get to the top and keep innovating to make sure they can defend their place. Of course, well-known TV brands also have their price, but in most cases it is absolutely justified. Branded TVs usually have a very good price-performance ratio and offer high quality. TVs from well-known TV brands are always equipped to meet the needs of customers. The technology is sophisticated and the devices are always available with the latest features. The effort alone that many brand manufacturers put into constantly bringing out new innovations is far too great for smaller manufacturers. So, TVs from well-known brands always offer a certain security and the good feeling of getting high quality.