Gaming Laptop

    Playing games has never fascinated more people - and with a gaming laptop you are always ready for the next round! Powerful hardware enables you to play your favorite games with high details and framerates.

        Gaming laptop - fun and games everywhere

        A great gaming session with good friends is not only a lot of fun, but also a great way to pass the time. Such a gaming session works best when everyone has their own laptop with them. Do you want to play smoothly and without any stuttering? Then opt for a special gaming laptop.

        What is a gaming laptop?

        A conventional laptop is usually not suitably equipped for gaming. Passionate gamers have particularly high demands on their gaming notebook. These points are crucial for choosing a suitable device:

        • Graphics card
        • Processor
        • Storage capacity

        A gaming laptop should definitely have a very high-quality graphics card. Only then is it possible to play even high-resolution games completely without annoying stutters. The processor has to be particularly powerful, and the computer also has to have enough random access memory (RAM).

        For gaming to be really fun, a gaming laptop should have a 17-inch display. Many gaming laptops also come with all sorts of accessories. These can include a gaming mouse or gaming keyboards. Very often, the accessory set also includes a gaming headset that enables communication with other gamers.

        Gamer notebooks offer outstanding performance hidden in a portable format. The perfect solution for on the go.

        A gaming notebook should meet these requirements

        As different as the many games are nowadays, they all have one thing in common: They need powerful hardware. This is true for all role-playing games, action games and first-person shooters on the market, but especially for high-resolution variants. Nothing annoys a gamer more than games that don't run smoothly on the computer. The graphics cards used in gamer notebooks are of a correspondingly high quality. The same applies to the processor. Usually, a processor is not replaced afterwards, so the notebook should already be equipped with a good processor. Decide on a hexa-core processor instead of a quad-core processor already at the time of purchase. Intel also offers high-quality gaming processors. With a gaming laptop i7, gamers can be sure that their games will run smoothly. The random access memory also plays an important role. At best, the gaming laptop should already be equipped with sufficient random access memory. However, it is also advisable to choose a model that can be upgraded later. Powerful gaming notebooks are now of such high quality that they can practically replace the home device.

        Buy a gaming laptop online - here's what you should look out for

        Gaming laptops are available in different price ranges. When buying one, you should consider what kind of games you want to play on it. The model should be chosen accordingly. For example, those who prefer simple strategy games can quietly opt for a less high-end equipped gaming laptop. Gamers with a passion for role-playing games or first-person shooters and other games whose graphics are particularly elaborate need a gamer laptop with very good equipment.

        Take a look at the minimum requirements of new releases in the gaming world. The minimum requirements listed there should also be met by your new gaming laptop.

        Gaming in different price ranges

        Do you really need a gaming laptop? This is a question many gamers ask themselves. The answer is simple: Yes, at least if you like to travel and play in different places, or if you have little space at home. It also doesn't always have to be the most expensive gaming laptop. Depending on your requirements, cheaper models are also perfectly sufficient. If you prefer simple games with not particularly high demands on the notebook's features, an entry-level model with an excellent price-performance ratio is perfect for you.

        As a passionate gamer, a high-end notebook is exactly the right thing for you. A strong processor, a lot of RAM and a particularly high-quality graphics card as well as many other technical highlights are installed in these devices. Of course, this also has its price. A particularly high-quality gaming laptop can be quite expensive. However, those who play every day and with passion will appreciate the advantages of such a device. An ultrabook is also a very good choice. If you want to expand your gaming world, you should buy a gaming laptop.

        Accessories for a gaming laptop

        Every good gaming laptop can become much more exciting with the appropriate equipment. In order to play games properly, a gaming mouse, a gaming keyboard and a gaming headset are of course part of it. Many gaming notebooks already come with some of these accessories. Otherwise, it is advisable to order the accessories right away. Do you use your gaming laptop at home? Then an additional monitor with a large screen diagonal is a very good choice.

        Advantages and disadvantages of a gaming laptop

        You would like to buy a gaming laptop online, but you are not sure if it is the right decision? Compare the advantages and disadvantages that gaming laptops offer:


        Mobility and flexibility

        Gaming laptops are much smaller than gaming PCs, which means they offer more mobility and flexibility. They are well-suited for those who have little space at home or would like to gamble somewhere else. Despite their smaller size, they offer the same performance as their big brothers. Gamer notebooks are specially optimized for the high demands and special wishes of hardcore gamers. Games run smoothly and without forced pauses.

        Energy consumption

        Gamer laptops consume less energy, they are more frugal overall. The reason for this is not only the battery operation, the notebooks consume much less power than large gaming PCs with a large screen and everything else that is necessary for gaming.

        Low space requirement

        Gaming desktop PCs usually require a lot of space. A gaming notebook is simply placed on a table and you are ready to go. A fixed workstation in the home is not necessary. Moreover, they can be stowed away quite easily.



        The price of a gamer laptop is usually about 30 to 50 percent higher than the price of a tower PC. However, that is not surprising, since a lot of technology has to be accommodated in a very small space. For example, the graphics card is a challenge. It must not be too big, and sufficient cooling and ventilation must also be provided.


        Passionate gamers like to game a lot. It is then important that the device can withstand the resulting heat well. In addition, good cooling has to be provided. This problem is solved by dissipating the heat with the help of air cooling. A difficult task for the cooler, which accordingly often works quite loudly. Depending on the type of cooling solutions used, the gaming laptop can also be heavier than conventional models.

        Upgrading often only possible to a limited extent

        Tinkering around with a gaming PC and quickly installing a few new components is practically part of everyday life for gamers. What works without problems on a desktop PC can become a challenge on a laptop. Most gaming laptops can't be upgraded at all or only by a few components. Usually, the graphics card and CPU are permanently installed and should be replaced by a professional.

        Tips and tricks

        If you buy a new gaming notebook according to your requirements, you will be able to play all your games without any problems in the beginning. However, as time goes by, you will notice that they may not run as smoothly as before. This is because every program that is installed on the gaming laptop slows down the operating system. This, of course, has an effect on the games as well. Therefore, it is important to uninstall programs that are not being used. With the help of different programs, the hard drive can be cleaned and defragmented. This will ensure better performance. Also, don't forget to regularly update the driver of your graphics card, an outdated driver can also spoil the fun of gaming. It's best not to install every program you want to take a look at in the first place. The cleaner your hard drive is, the smoother your games will run. Monitor with a large screen diagonal a very good choice.