Philips HD7548/20 Café Gaie Kaffeemaschine

  • Fassungsvermögen für 15 Tassen
  • Abschaltautomatik nach Brühende
  • Transparente Wasserstandsanzeige
  • Kabelaufwicklung
  • Mit Thermo-Kanne

Krups KM6008 Filterkaffeemaschine SMART N LIGHT Schwarz 24h-Timer

  • Digitales Display
  • Warmhalteplatte mit Abschaltautomatik
  • Tropfstopp und Überlaufsicherung
  • Vollflächig abschließender Deckel (Aromaschutz)
  • Wasserstandanzeige

Philips HD 7462/20

  • brews up to 15 Cups
  • Glass Jug

Bosch TKA2M114 Filterkaffeemaschine MyMoment rot

  • Anzahl Tassen: 10/12
  • Leistung: 1200 Watt
  • Tropfstopp
  • Warmhalteplatte
  • Beleuchteter Ein-/Ausschalter

Bosch TKA3M134 Filterkaffeemaschine MyMoment rot

  • Anzahl Tassen: 10/15
  • Leistung: 1200 Watt
  • Tropfstopp
  • Entkalker-Anzeige vorhanden
  • Schwingfilter 1x4 mit Tropfstopp

Bosch TKA6M273 Filterkaffeemaschine MyMoment schwarz

  • Anzahl Tassen: 8/12
  • Leistung: 1000 Watt
  • Tropfstopp
  • Entkalker-Anzeige vorhanden
  • Schwingfilter 1x4 mit Tropfstopp

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Wonderfully fragrant coffee with great aroma fresh from the coffee machine

A cup of coffee in the morning, with a slice of cake in the afternoon or simply in between meals at work - coffee machines prepare the delicious hot beverage in no time at all.

Coffee machines - a guarantee for the perfect coffee pleasure

This afternoon is the time, finally after a long time you will see your good friends again. You have invited them for coffee and also got their favorite cake. So slowly it's time to put on the coffee. Insert the filter, fill in the coffee powder, add water to the tank and you're ready to go. At the push of a button, you get delicious smelling, fresh coffee. While the coffee is going through, the doorbell rings. You don't have to worry about the coffee not being ready on time, your coffee machine will take care of that for you. Find out what you should know about coffee machines and which model suits you best in our guide.

What to look for when buying a coffee machine?

If you want to buy a coffee maker, you should first and foremost pay attention to how many cups of coffee can be prepared with it. For a single household, coffee machines with 2, 4 or 6 cups are often perfectly adequate. In households with many people, buying a larger filter coffee maker is definitely recommended. The individual models offer different options. Many coffee makers can brew 10 cups of coffee, but there are also many models available that can brew 12, 15, 16 or even 20 cups. The decision for the right model should depend on how much coffee is to be brewed per day.

It is sometimes essential that the coffee maker fits very well into the kitchen in terms of appearance. Then it must not only be decided whether a coffee machine should be red or whether a coffee machine white looks better, the shape also plays a role then. Some manufacturers offer particularly stylish models that will be an eye-catcher in any kitchen. A good choice for lovers of good looks is, for example, a Krups coffee machine or a Philips coffee machine.

When buying a coffee maker, however, you should also pay attention to a constant brewing temperature. This is important so that the flavors are really extracted evenly. Most coffee makers are equipped with either a glass jug or a thermos jug. Thermos jugs offer the advantage that they keep the coffee nice and hot without heating it unnecessarily further, as is the case with the glass jug. If a particularly fine filtration is important, a filter element with filter paper should also be considered instead of a net-like permanent filter.

Tip:Those who need a lot of coffee every day should go for a duo coffee maker, which combines two coffee makers in one housing, for example, a Severin coffee machine.

Who is a classic coffee machine suitable for?

It all started with the good old simple coffee machine. Over the years, more and more variants were added. Although the classic filter coffee machine is still found in most households today, modern devices such as fully automatic coffee machines are becoming increasingly popular. Fully automatic coffee machines offer the possibility to brew different coffee variations. These devices are especially in demand among fragrant lovers. But coffee capsule machines and coffee pod machines are now also conquering households and offices. These models are mainly suitable for areas where coffee is drunk once in a while.

But there are also areas where these fancy coffee machines are less suitable. Wherever many cups of coffee are consumed daily, conventional filter coffee machines are still the best choice. A good example is large households or even offices. Who wants to stand in front of a coffee machine all day long and brew one cup after the other, when you can make a large amount of coffee in one go?

It should also be noted that the use of coffee capsules and coffee pods is always associated with more waste. Anyone who wants to avoid this waste will find the best solution in a coffee machine. Coffee machines are also a good choice for anyone who loves simplicity and can't do anything with crema, espresso and latte macchiato.

What functions do coffee machines offer?

  • Drip-stop function
    The drip-stop function ensures that the coffee does not continue to run when the pot is removed. Most coffee machines today are already equipped with it.
  • Brewing process
    Most coffee machines are equipped with a direct brewing process, also known as a surge brewing process. This method has the advantage that the aroma of the coffee can develop much better. In this brewing method, a larger amount of water is first heated and collected in a container. Once the water is hot enough, it is poured directly over the coffee powder in a gush. This has the advantage that more coffee powder comes into contact with the water and more aromatic substances can be released. Furthermore, this method also ensures that the water does not cool down as quickly. Anyone who has already brewed their coffee with a hand filter will certainly know this procedure well.

    Tip:If you want to achieve a particularly intense aroma, you should opt for a coffee machine that pre-brews the coffee. The coffee powder is first moistened before the brewing process is started. This softens the coffee powder and results in a more intense coffee aroma.

  • Automatic switch off and timer
    Usually, each coffee machine has an integrated automatic shutoff. This ensures that the device does not remain switched on. Machines with a thermos jug usually switch off no later than five minutes after the brewing process is complete. For machines with a glass jug, the time period is usually 40 minutes. A coffee machine with a timer also offers the advantage that it turns itself on at a pre-programmed time and the coffee is freshly brewed. This function is very convenient, for example, when the day begins very early.
  • Additional comfort functions
    In addition to the usual functions, many coffee machines also offer some convenience functions. These, for example, simplify the preparation of the coffee or can improve the taste.

What practical extras are there in coffee machines?

Coffee tastes best when the coffee beans are freshly grinded directly before brewing. Then it has a particularly fresh and intense aroma. This is made possible by coffee machines with an integrated grinder and storage container for whole coffee beans, such as a Melitta coffee machine. When buying, make sure that the grinder can grind the coffee in different stages. Those interested in a coffee maker with a grinder should also make sure that the device can also brew already ground coffee. Good to know: Grinding the coffee is louder than the brewing process. This can be annoying in quiet environments.

Whether with or without grinder, a practical extra is an aroma selection. This allows you to adjust the aroma to your own taste, from mild to strong. The more aroma settings available, the better. Depending on which setting is selected, the water heats up either faster or slower. These different temperatures always release a different amount of aroma substances.

Also important is the question of the filter. Is there a permanent filter? This makes it possible to save paper and reduce the burden on the environment. Such a permanent filter should be removable so that a paper filter can also be used if necessary and with a clear conscience. An integrated limescale protection is also very practical. This allows you to set the water hardness, for example, so that the coffee machine can optimally adjust to the tap water.

Many machines also have a limescale removal indicator. This indicates when the machine should be descaled. Particularly comfortable coffee machines are already capable of cleaning and descaling themselves.

What are the advantages of a coffee machine with a thermos jugs?

Coffee machines with thermos jugs are particularly practical. During the brewing process, the coffee drips directly into the thermos. The advantage is that the thermos jug keeps the coffee warm for a long time. In addition, it is not constantly heated further, as is usually the case with coffee machines with glass jug and hot plate. This can affect the taste of the coffee. Most of the time, after boiling, the coffee is transferred from the glass jug directly into a thermos jug to avoid this further heating. In the case of a coffee machine with a thermos jug, this decanting is no longer necessary, as the coffee runs directly into the jug.

Compared to a glass pot, a thermos jug has the advantage that it can easily be placed on the coffee table or even desk without the coffee getting cold. It is then no longer necessary to constantly run to the kitchen to pour a new cup.

Tip:If you prefer the coffee taste of glass jugs, when buying a coffee machine with a thermos jug, make sure that it is made of glass inside.

Which coffee machine for which occasion?

When choosing the right coffee maker, it is not only important how many cups are to be prepared, but also whether additional functions are important. Depending on the area for which the device is to be used, different models are available. A single household has different requirements for a coffee machine than an office, for example.

  • Single households and occasional users
    If you just want to brew a quick cup of coffee before work in the morning or generally only brew a few cups of coffee, a smaller machine that can brew between 2 and 6 cups of coffee is the best choice. Models with a glass pot are a good choice, since the coffee probably won't stay in the pot for long anyway. If you want the coffee to be ready in the morning when the alarm clock rings, you should choose a model with a timer.
  • Coffee machines for larger quantities
    In larger households with several people or in a shared flat, a lot of coffee is often drunk, but not everyone always reaches for the coffee pot at the same time. A coffee maker that can brew 8 to 10 cups fits very well in such an area. Models with a thermos jug are recommended, as this keeps the coffee warm for a long time. If a lot of coffee is needed, coffee machines with two thermos jugs are also suitable for this purpose.
  • Coffee machines for the office
    In almost every office you can find a coffee maker. The device should always be selected according to the number of people who will help themselves to the coffee. Models with a capacity of about 12 to 20 cups are ideally suited. Models with a permanent filter and a thermos jug are practical. In larger offices, duo coffee machines are a good choice.

Perfectly brewed coffee - coffee machines make it possible

You love your coffee. You start your day with it, treat yourself to a cup or two at the office, and even enjoy a cup of the delicious hot beverage at home in the evening. That's why a good coffee maker is something you can't live without. If you want to buy your new coffee maker online, you will find in our store a wide range of different models from different manufacturers. Whether you need only one model for the cup of coffee in the morning or whether you want to make 20 cups of coffee for a meeting, in our store you will always find the right coffee machine.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I clean my coffee machine?

Cleaning coffee machines is very simple. From the outside, the device is cleaned only with warm water and a little detergent. Any lime stains can be removed with vinegar essence or citric acid. A coffee machine should also be decalcified every three months. This period is shortened if the water is very hard or a lot of coffee is made. Special decalcifiers are available for this purpose, but home remedies such as vinegar essence, baking soda or baking powder can also be used. If dirt gets on the heating plate, it is important to remove it immediately. Otherwise, it could burn into the plate. Glass jugs can usually be cleaned in the dishwasher, and thermos jugs can be rinsed out quite easily.

Which filter goes in my coffee machine?

Most coffee machines use a paper filter, which is simply placed in the compartment provided. Paper filters can only be used once. They are disposed of after the brewing process along with the used coffee powder. However, there are also permanent filters, which are better known as permanent filters. These can be made of different materials, such as metal, cotton, porcelain or plastic. They have a mesh with very fine pores, thus the coffee flows into the pot. The advantage is that this type of filter can be used again and again. It only needs to be emptied and rinsed after use.

What other types of coffee machines are there?

Besides the classic filter coffee maker, there are other ways to make coffee. Very popular are the modern machines that work with coffee capsules or coffee pods. In these models, coffee is prepared with the help of capsules or pods that match the machine and contain coffee powder. Also available are fully automatic coffee machines. These are capable of preparing different types of coffee, such as latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso and much more. Such machines usually also have a grinder and a milk frother. For lovers of particularly strong coffee preparations, espresso machines are also available.