Dishwashers ensure shiny dishes in no time and save a lot of work in the household. Discover a wide selection of dishwashers.

        Save water, energy and time with the dishwasher

        Cleaning dishes with a dishwasher is far less expensive than washing them by hand. In addition, the environment is protected and no valuable time is wasted.

        A valuable household aid - the dishwasher

        Dirty dishes are once again piling up in your kitchen. You simply don't have enough time to wash them all the time. Moreover, you also have to admit that you simply don't feel like taking care of the dishes at home after a long day at work. Never mind, you have enough dishes so that you can use a clean cup along with plate and cereal bowl every day. But can that really be the solution? To just take new dishes every day for weeks on end and pile up the dirty dishes until there's no more room and it takes a few hours to wash them? If you're honest, you've also been tired of looking at the piles of dishes every day for a long time. Is there a simple solution? But of course, a dishwasher. Just put the used dishes in the dishwasher and when the machine is full, turn it on. That way, nothing stands around and the dishes get clean all by themselves. You can find out which dishwashers are available and what you should look out for when buying one in our guide.

        What is a dishwasher?

        As the name suggests, a dishwasher is used to clean something, in this case dishes, pots, pans, cutlery and other kitchen utensils. Dirty cooking and eating utensils are simply placed in the baskets provided for this purpose. During the washing process, the device not only cleans, but also dries the utensils at the same time. Usually, each dishwasher provides different programs for cleaning. Dishwashers have long become very important household appliances. In the past, these devices were considered more of a luxury and were actually completely unnecessary, but today they are becoming more and more important. They are no longer just a good choice for households where a lot of dishes are done every day; single households are also relying more and more on these electric helpers. The reasons for buying a dishwasher are no longer just convenience. Sure, it's easy to put the dishes in the dishwasher, turn it on and get everything out clean again a short time later, but cost as well as the environment also play a role. It is far less expensive to use the dishwasher than to wash by hand. In addition, the devices also consume less water. This is a factor that should not be underestimated, especially in this day and age.

        These are the advantages of a dishwasher

        Many people cannot imagine that dishwashers should be more cost-effective and also more environmentally friendly than washing dishes by hand. There are many studies on this subject that show that dishwashers are particularly cost-effective and environmentally friendly. It is also very advantageous that dishwashers work very hygienically. When washing dishes by hand, sponges, cloths or brushes are usually used, which in most cases are not hygienic, but rather a playground for bacteria.

        An important factor in this day and age is, of course, the time saved. It is only necessary to put the dishes in the machine, add the machine detergent and start it, the dishwasher will do the rest. It is absolutely no longer necessary to pre-wash the dishes.

        Different programs enable you to adjust the washing process to the level of soiling of the dishes. Usually, most models offer the possibility of cleaning even at quite high temperatures. This offers the advantage that most germs are killed during this process. However, it is better to use these programs only rarely. But there are also eco or bio programs, these are particularly economical, because they require little water and energy.

        Dishwasher - these types are available

        It is particularly practical if the dishwasher can be integrated into the kitchen unit. However, this is not possible in every kitchen, as both the structural conditions and personal preferences differ. However, so that no one has to do without a dishwasher, the devices are available in different designs. In addition to the built-in dishwashers, which are visually almost invisible and are integrated into the kitchen, there are also freestanding floor-standing dishwashers.

        Pedestal dishwasher

        The advantage of pedestal dishwashers is that they can be freely placed in the kitchen, there must simply be a water connection and drain. They are covered all around and thus also offer the possibility of placing something on the surface. The surface is also suitable as a work surface. In a Pedestal dishwashers, the front is completely open to view. There are no panels to obscure the view of the appliance. Pedestal dishwashers are ideal for kitchens that do not have a built-in kitchen. Pedestal dishwashers are available in widths of 45 or 60 cm.

        Tip:Freestanding floor-standing dishwashers are usually under-mountable. This means that the cover plate of the appliances can be removed. Then it is possible to place the freestanding dishwasher under the kitchen countertop as well.

        Built-in dishwasher

        Built-in dishwashers are divided into two variants, semi-integrated and fully integrated models.

        • Partially integrated dishwashers
          Semi-integrated models have the goal that the built-in dishwasher practically merges with the kitchen, allowing a uniform appearance. Therefore, the delivery of semi-integrated models without door trim. Thus, it is possible to mount on it the kitchen furniture front that matches the kitchen. Then only the control panel is visible from the dishwasher.
        • Fully integrated dishwashers
          A fully integrated dishwasher is practically invisible. When the door is closed, no one can tell that there is a dishwasher behind it. The device completely disappears behind the paneling of the built-in kitchen. These devices are designed so that the control panel is located on the inside of the door, so it is visible only when the door is open. A disadvantage of these devices is that operation is possible only when the door is open. Also, the display is not visible when the door is closed, so it is not possible to read how long the program is still running.

        Tip:Nevertheless, if you want to know exactly how long the dishwasher will run, you should opt for a device that projects the remaining time on the floor. Some manufacturers already offer this option.

        Dishwashers with different functions

        Anyone who wants to buy a dishwasher, should consider what functions the device should have. All devices, of course, offer the basic functions that should have a dishwasher. They clean and dry the dishes with different programs. However, there are some additional functions that help to wash even more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

        • Aqua-Stop
          Dishwashers that have an aqua sensor are particularly practical and therefore highly recommended. This is able to detect the degree of soiling of the water with the help of a light sensor. The sensor then determines the amount of water required, as well as the temperature and the washing time. The Aqua sensor makes it possible to save even more water and energy.
        • Load detection
          Load detection is a very intelligent feature that some higher-end dishwashers already have. A load sensor determines the amount of dishes and regulates the water flow based on this data. At the same time, the amount of energy is also adjusted and the washing time regulated.
        • Flush Zones
          If a dishwasher has the option of defining different washing zones, it is possible to increase the water pressure accordingly for more intensive cleaning in very specific areas. It is usually possible to customize these washing zones.
        • Dosing assistant
          A dosing assistant ensures that the efficiency of tabs is optimized. A special device is available into which the rinse tab is placed. The agent is then dissolved in a very targeted manner.
        • Interior design
          The interior of the dishwasher can be very different. If you want to buy a dishwasher, you should choose a model with the appropriate interior. For example, devices with two baskets are available. If you often want to clean large pots and pans in the dishwasher, you need enough space for them. Height-adjustable baskets and a separate cutlery drawer ensure order.

        What is the water consumption of dishwashers?

        The water consumption of a dishwasher can vary greatly depending on how the model is equipped. However, in contrast to the devices that were on the market ten years ago, the modern devices consume a full 40% less water. Today, water consumption is indicated in the range of 6.5 to 18 liters. Anything less than 9 liters per wash cycle is considered a very good value. However, actual water consumption also depends on the model, the age of the appliance and how it is handled. If you really want to wash efficiently and cost-effectively, you should get an appliance that uses less than 10 liters of water per wash cycle.

        The right dishwasher for every household

        The dishwasher should always be selected according to the amount of dishes that are produced daily. Accordingly, a single household needs a different model than a large household.

        Single household

        For a single household, a dishwasher 18 inch width is perfectly adequate. Depending on the model, such a dishwasher can accommodate 9 to 11 place settings.

        Tip:For orientation: A so-called "Place setting" includes four plates of different sizes, a cup, a glass and five pieces of cutlery.

        Small family with three to four people

        For a household of three or four people, you can choose either a model with a width of 18 inch (9 to 11 place settings) or 60 cm (12 to 14 place settings). The basis for deciding on a model should be how many dishes are done each day. The smaller models are full faster, so they are more hygienic, because the dirty dishes do not stay too long in the machine.

        Large household with more than 5 people

        Larger households, where there are more than 5 people, need a dishwasher 24 inch wide. These devices can be loaded with 12 to 14 trays. There are also models with a width of 90 centimeters, which are suitable for 15 place settings.

        Finding the right rinse program

        Every dishwasher in our online store has several programs. In addition to short programs with a washing time of 15 to 45 minutes, there are also gentle programs, normal programs and eco programs.

        • Eco programs are particularly resource-saving and work at a low temperature, but the process also takes quite a long time; cleaning can take between 120 and 300 minutes. Therefore, the question often arises as to which program should be selected. Generally, the degree of soiling of the dishes determines which program is most suitable.
        • The Quick program is very suitable when things have to be done quickly. In this program, the water is heated to approx. 60 to 70 °C. The short program can be used if there is no dried dirt on the dishes.
        • The soft program is very suitable for delicate porcelain or glasses due to the lower maximum temperature of 40 °C, as the water pressure is also lower.
        • Medium soiling can be removed well with the normal program, this also applies to dishes with dried residues.
        • Averagely soiled dishes can also be cleaned using the energy- and water-saving Eco program.
        • If dishes are particularly heavily soiled, the intensive program should be used. In this program, the dishes are first soaked and then washed at a temperature of approximately 70 °C. Before using this program, however, you should consider whether this intensive cleaning is really necessary, as the dishwasher consumes the most water and electricity in the intensive program. In addition, not all dishes can tolerate such high temperatures.

        Dishwasher - economical and environmentally friendly

        Water consumption plays a very important role today. Water is a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce. Therefore, everyone should take care not to use too much water if possible and certainly not to waste any water. However, if you wash the dishes by hand or maybe even quickly wash a dish in between because you need it at the time, you are wasting water. With a dishwasher, you not only save valuable water, you also make your everyday life easier. The time you would otherwise spend washing dishes can be put to far better use. Gaming, meeting up with friends, or a great night at the movies perhaps? You will surely think of something. Make your life easier with a dishwasher from our store.