Tiptel 83 System S0 anthrazit

产品编号:90294479, 制造商编号:1082620
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XXX的说明: Tiptel 83 System S0 anthrazit
The Tiptel 83 system is the favor ably priced solution for professional telephone comfort behind the telephone system Tiptel 4011 XT and Tiptel 30xx. Important and frequently used functions such as the activation of the call forwarding function, the use of different providers or the busy-line-indication for certain extensions, can be assigned to fourteen multi-functional keys by means of macro-programming. Afterwards, these individually programmed functions are available by simply pressing one single key and busy extensions are indicated via LEDs within the keyboard.
  • Telephone directory for 100 phone numbers
  • 14 multi-functional keys for individual programming
  • Programming of busy-line-indication for other extensions on multi-functional keys
  • Quick-Call-by-Call, comfortable selection of a different provider
  • TAPI driver for Windows, supports standard CTI programs
  • PC connecting cable as well as software for data back-up included
  • Loudspeaker messages, room monitoring
  • Activation of hands-free mode by other extensions
  • Indication of busy extensions by means of LEDs
  • Direct call transfer or call pick-up
  • Line key function
  • Message waiting function
  • Direct interrogation of a voicebox
  • Activation/deactivation of a voicebox
  • Storage of phone numbers
  • 2-line alphanumeric display with backlight and contrast regulation
  • Telephone directory for 100 entries
  • Appointment management for 30 appointments
  • On-hook dialing, dialing from the directory
  • Direct and indirect dialing
  • Redialing for 20 dialed phone numbers with storage of charges incurred
  • Fully automatic redialing
  • Dialing and accepting of calls from all TAPI compatible Windows applications (CTI)
  • 100 different ringing tone versions
  • Automatic ringing tone volume control
  • Call list for 20 incoming calls with documentation of date and time
  • Call-back list for 6 entries
  • Call filter (certain phone numbers will not be signaled)
  • VIP function
  • Loudspeaker, hands-free mode
  • Different dialing and operating restrictions
  • Direct call, do-not-disturb-function
  • Call counter, registration of call duration
  • Time control of call forwarding according to time and weekday
  • Data receipt during power shortage
  • Calling line identification presentation/restriction (CLIP/CLIR)
  • Connected line identification presentation/restriction (COLP/COLR)
  • Terminal portability (TP)
  • Advice of call charge (AOCE/AOCD)
  • Hold function (HOLD) and switching between external lines
  • Call waiting (CW)
  • Three party conference (3 PTY)
  • Explicit call transfer (ECT)
  • Completion of call to busy subscriber (CCBS)
  • Call forwarding (CFU, CFNR, CFB, CD)
  • Malicious call identification (MCID)
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