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Silicon Power Armor A15 2TB schwarz / grün

Art-Nr.: 90638361
, 制造商编号: SP020TBPHDA15S3K
  • External HDD with 2.0 TB
  • Form factor 2.5", black / green
  • Anschlüsse: USB 3.1 Gen 1
  • Hardware Encryption
销售自: 二月 2016


无货 有货
Armor A15

SP Armor A15 received red dot design award 2013

Armor A15 is a military grade portable hard drive that is built to withstand shock and vibration. Featuring a specialized durable anti-shock rubber outer case and a built in advanced internal hard drive suspension system, A15 is designed to avoid data lost in high impact movements. Colored in a trendy mixture with black and neon green, A15 can easily stand out among all the portable hard drives.


In compliance with US MIL-STD-810F (transit drop test), it was tested for
  1. Product dropped directly onto a concrete floor (or harder surface)
  2. On a drop-test machine, the product freefalls from a height of 122cm and from the freefall
  3. There are 26 contact points (8 corners, 12 cut surfaces and 6 major surfaces) that were tested.
One touch quick backup button and Dedicated software(SP Widget)

Armor A15 not only backup your data at the press of a single button, but also support dedicated software that offers password security and backup functionality. Users can take their data with them and still have 100% protection.

Ultra Fast Transfer Rate
Armor A15 outstanding read/write speed is coupled with the latest USB 3.0 interface feature a 5Gb/s bandwidth which is 10x the bandwidth of a USB 2.0 interface. It saves users precious time backing up to and from the hard drive when transferring mass data files.

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