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Scythe Iori

Art-Nr.: 90582328
, 制造商编号: SCIOR-1000
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  • Top-Blow cooler, 11.7 cm Installation height
  • 1x 100 mm fan (PWM)
  • 300 - 1800 rpm, max. 43 cfm (73.1 m³/h) @ 26.7 dB
  • compatible sockets: 775, 1150 / 1151 / 1151-v2 / 1155 / 1156, 1356, 1366, AM2 (+) / AM3 (+) / FM1 / FM2 (+), AM4
销售自: 一月 2015


发货时间: 1-2个工作日

Iori, a Japanese word roughly implies a small, modest house, a little mountain hut providing shelter; being compact and simple. That is exactly what the Iori is all about - simple, functional design in compact dimensions making this cooler an ideal application in smaller PC cases and HTPCs. Thanks to the fitted 100mm fan instead of a 92mm, equal airflow performance could be made possible at a much lower noise emission level. It lies well in the Iori's top-blow design capacity to keep the processor cool at all times, preventing any risks of overheating. The down draft style not cools the CPU but also components around it.

100mm fan

The included 100mm fan requires less rpms for similar air flow from a common 92mm fan, leading to less turbulence and hence a more silent operation. In addition, the relatively larger diameter of the fan contributes to a wider area of fins being cooled, resulting in stronger cooling performance.

New Generation Clip System

The new mounting system for the Iori was developed with simple procedure and high compatibility in mind. The light weight of the heatsink allows the advantage of push-pin mounting when applying on Intel sockets. The installation can be done fast and easy.

Top-Blow Design

The generated airflow will not stop at the fins of the Iori. It will further cool the surrounding components such as chipset, memory and voltage regulator modules. This prevents hotspots, resulting in a longer lifespan of the components and the motherboard.

Compact Dimensions

One major criteria when designing this cooler was to make it compact, but powerful at the same time. The max height of the heatsink including the fan is a mere 117mm, with a width of only 107mm. These measurements guarantee the Iori to fit even in cases with very limited space.

Improved Hardware Compatibility 

The Iori structure and mounting system allow the user to position the cooler in the direction* of preference or required circumstances of the motherboard. This flexibility allows the usage of memory modules with tall heatsinks.

*Positioning options: AMD-Socket 2 positions / Intel-Socket 4 positions

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