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Rapoo E9270P Wireless Ultra-Slim Touch Keyboard schwarz

Art-Nr.: 90596621
, 制造商编号: 12335
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  • Tastatur für Office, Connection via 2.4 GHz Funk
  • Layout: German (QWERTZ) mit festem Nummerblock
  • Slim Keycaps
  • ergonomic design
销售自: 二月 2016


发货时间: 1-2个工作日

This ultra-slim keyboard combines premium materials with a stylish design. Made from brushed stainless steel and an aluminum alloy, the housing is not only robust and sturdy – it also adds a touch of style to any desktop. The E9270P is equipped with illuminated multimedia touch keys which make accessing all-important multimedia functions quick and easy. The touch keys light up as soon as your hand gets close to the sensor area, so there’s nothing to stop you using them even in complete darkness.

Reliable 5 GHz wireless connection
Wireless and interference-free: The 5 GHz standard developed by Rapoo avoids interference from other wireless devices. What‘s more, it offers you a range of up to 10 m and 360° coverage – and all while consuming very little power.

Illuminated multimedia touch keys
Everything under control: The illuminated multimedia touch keys on the upper edge of the keyboard give you quick and convenient access to all key multimedia functions.

Ultra-slim 4 mm design
Slimline and rugged: The award-winning ultra-slim 4 mm design makes this keyboard a real eye-catcher while the housing made from brushed stainless steel and an aluminum alloy offers stability and durability.

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