Apple iPhone 13 Pro MLVD3ZD/A Apple iOS Smartphone in blue with 128 GB storage

Apple iPhone 13 Pro MLVD3ZD/A Apple iOS Smartphone in blue  with 128 GB storage
产品编号:90845762, 制造商编号:MLVD3ZD/A
940,36 €
XXX的说明: Apple iPhone 13 Pro MLVD3ZD/A Apple iOS Smartphone in blue with 128 GB storage
iPhone 13 Pro pushes the boundaries of what's possible in a smartphone. Redesigned inside and out, it introduces a Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion featuring an adaptive refresh rate up to 120Hz, making the touch experience faster and more responsive. The pro camera system with Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras captures stunning photos and video, powered by the unmatched performance of A15 Bionic. These technologies enable impressive photo capabilities, like macro photography on the Ultra Wide camera and up to 2.2x improved low-light performance on the Wide camera. Computational photography features like Photographic Styles personalize the look of images in the Camera app. Video takes a huge leap forward with Cinematic mode for beautiful depth-of-field transitions, macro video, Time-lapse and Slo-mo, and even better low-light performance.
  • Pro 12MP camera system
  • Cinematic mode and Photographic Styles
  • Mind-blowingly fast A15 Bionic chip
  • Ceramic Shield front
  • Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion
  • Advanced 5G experience
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel
  • IP68 water resistance
  • Bring on the night
    iPhone 13 Pro was made for low light. The Wide camera adds a wider aperture and a larger sensor yet - and it leverages the LiDAR Scanner for Night mode portraits. Ultra Wide gets a wider aperture, a faster sensor, and an autofocus. And Telephoto now has Night mode.
  • Macro photography comes to iPhone
    With its redesigned lens and powerful autofocus system, the Ultra Wide camera can focus at just 2 cm - making even the smallest details seem epic. Transform a leaf into abstract art. Capture a caterpillar's fuzz. Magnify a dewdrop. The beauty of tiny awaits.
  • A massive leap in smartphone video
    iPhone 13 Pro can shoot with shallow depth of field and automatically add elegant focus transitions between subjects. Cinematic mode can also anticipate when a prominent new subject is about to enter the frame and bring them into focus when they do, for far more creative storytelling. You have the option to change focus or adjust the level of bokeh even after capture.
  • Advanced image pipeline renders your custom style
    Photographic Styles apply your preferred Tone and Warmth settings to your photos. But unlike filters, they keep things like skies and skin tones natural. Choose an Apple-designed preset - Vibrant, Rich Contrast, Warm, or Cool - and if you want, fine-tune it even further. Set your style once to get the look you love every time.
  • Smart HDR 4 optimizes each part of the scene
    Harnessing the machine learning power of the Neural Engine, Smart HDR 4 now makes unique adjustments for multiple people in a scene. Apple's software and ISP automatically refine contrast, lighting, and skin tones for each person. So everyone always looks amazing.
  • Deep Fusion analyzes every pixel from multiple exposures
    For mid- to low-light shots, Deep Fusion kicks in - using the Neural Engine to perform a pixel-by-pixel analysis of various exposures and fusing the best parts into your final image. It delivers extraordinary detail, bringing out even the subtlest textures in your photos.
  • 120Hz adaptive refresh display that changes the game
    The Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion can refresh from 10 to 120 times per second, and all kinds of frame rates in between. It intelligently ramps up when you need exceptional graphics performance, and ramps down to save power when you don't. It even accelerates and decelerates naturally to match the speed of your finger as you scroll.
  • More 5G bands for 5G speed in more places
    The world is quickly moving to 5G. Streaming, downloading - everything happens so much faster. 5G is even fast enough for serious multiplayer gaming, sharing AR videos, and more. With Smart Data mode, iPhone 13 Pro will downshift automatically to save power when you don't need all that speed.
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  • 频带
  • 数码相机
  • 蓝牙
  • 移动网络
  • 存储卡插槽
  • 无线局域网
    WiFi 6 (802.11ax)
  • 设计
  • 颜色
  • 全球定位系统
  • QWERTY键盘
  • 操作系统
    Apple iOS
  • 触摸屏
  • 显示屏尺寸
    15.5 cm (6.1")
  • 解决
    2532 x 1170
  • 面板类型
  • 处理器制造商
  • 存储容量
    128 GB
  • 品牌推广
  • 双SIM卡
  • NFC
    Ja (Apple)
  • 特殊性
    IP68 认证
  • SIM卡尺寸
  • 大按键电话
  • 处理器内核
  • 处理器型号
    A15 仿生 64 位
  • 处理器速度
    2x 3.42千兆赫 + 4x 2.01千兆赫