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Kärcher HD 5/11 P Plus

产品编号:90830809, 制造商编号:1.520-961.0
422,81 €
XXX的说明: Kärcher HD 5/11 P Plus
A dirt blaster for quickly tackling stubborn dirt. The reliable three-piston axial pump is fitted with a high-quality brass cylinder head. The compact, lightweight and very mobile machine can be operated both horizontally and vertically and is therefore highly versatile. Innovations guarantee effortless operation and time-saving setup and dismantling. While the EASY!Force high-pressure gun makes use of the recoil force of the high-pressure jet to reduce the holding force to zero, the EASY!Lock quick-release fasteners make handling five times faster than with conventional screw connections, without losing any robustness or longevity. An automatic pressure relief system protects the components, extends the service life of the machine, reduces repair and maintenance costs, and lowers the pulling force on the high-pressure gun. It also means that the machine requires less space. The sophisticated accessory storage offers a variety of practical options and rounds off the extensive equipment package.
  • Excellent mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent mobility
    The integrated carrying handle on the front of the machine enables easy loading and convenient transport. Compact construction style and low weight. High-pressure washer HD 5/11 P Plus.
  • Flexibility
    Vertical and horizontal operation possible. Separate park and transport position for the spray unit. The machine offers maximum stability in horizontal operation.
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  • Power
    2200 Watt
  • Max. flow rate
    490 l/h
  • Pressure
    160 bar
  • Suitable for cleaning of