Arctic Breeze USB-Ventilator schwarz / weiß

产品编号:90597961, 制造商编号:ABACO-BZP0301-BL
12,60 €
XXX的说明: Arctic Breeze USB-Ventilator schwarz / weiß
Stay cool this summer with Arctic's ARCTIC Breeze, a cool, quiet and portable USB desktop fan offering refreshing breeze in hot, sunny weather!
The ARCTIC Breeze outperforms other USB fans in the market. Same as other Arctic products, the 92mm fan is equipped with a low noise impeller, making it a quiet fan at all speed.
Whether it is warm or hot, the ARCTIC Breeze offers you the cooling you need. The fan comes with two levels of speed - 1200rpm and 2000rpm. With the fan speed switch, users can adjust the speed to their preferable level easily, offering the lowest noise level possible.
While other USB fans provide only a USB connector, the ARCTIC Breeze provides an on/off switch. Users can switch on and off the fan simply by one click, instead of plugging and unplugging the entire fan. The 1.5m long cable is long enough for your PC case underneath the table. Excess cable can be rolled up under the fan base, keeping your desk nice and tidy.
Installation cannot be easier. Just plug the fan directly into a USB port, then you are ready to play with the wind!
  • 92mm ultra quite USB fan
  • Dual fan speed options - 1200rpm and 2000rpm
  • Battery-free
  • On/off power switch
  • Adjustable neck
  • 1.5m roll-up cable
  • Application for notebook and desktop
  • Enjoy a cool breeze everywhere
    Due to the long power cable with USB connection, you can put the table fan anywhere without any problems. At home or at work, the practical small fan is a handy accessory for any desktop.
  • Individual - not only in design
    The flexible goose neck of this USB fan can easily be bent in any direction as desired. The speed can be infinitely adjusted by turning the knob at the bottom.
  • No slipping and scratching
    The foot of the Breeze itself is made of steel and so can stand stable on all surfaces. Thanks to the additional rubber pads, it does not slip and leaves no scratch marks, even on sensitive surfaces.
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