Einhell TE-VC 2230 SA Nass-Trockensauger

产品编号:90573495, 制造商编号:2342363
138,57 €
XXX的说明: Einhell TE-VC 2230 SA Nass-Trockensauger
The ECO Power TE-VC 2230 SA is a high-quality, versatile wet and dry vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning. Its silent bi-turbo motor works with a whisper and, thanks to the use of the advanced components, achieves an outstanding level of suction in return for 50% less power consumption. The 2-way system for exhaust air and cooling air reduces the stress on the motor and makes the vacuum cleaner a neat solution on all counts. The capacious stainless steel tank offers plenty of capacity for a wide range of cleaning tasks everywhere in the home and workshop. Thanks to the transport handle with practical trolley function, the TE-VC 2230 SA is quickly moved to where it is needed. A foam filter protects the motor against soiling during wet vacuuming. For the user-friendly and clean disposal of vacuumed liquids there is a drain screw. An automatic socket enables this cleaner to be used as a vacuum extraction system for electric tools. The cleaner will start automatically as soon as the connected tool is switched on, and will continue running for a short time after the tool is switched off. A practical blow connector is provided for the user-friendly blow-cleaning of inaccessible areas. Intelligent plug-in connections result in reduced air turbulence. A practical storage compartment for small parts and a holder for accessories enable all parts to be stored neatly on the cleaner itself where they are always ready to hand. For user-friendly handling and mobility there is a carrying handle, two large wheels and two castors.
  • ECO vacuum cleaner, high suction power / little power consumption
  • Powerful and energy-efficient silent bi-turbo motor
  • Cleanliness through 2-way system for suction and cooling air
  • Reduced air turbulence thanks to intelligent plug-in connections
  • Capacious tank made of stainless steel
  • 2 large wheels & 2 castors for better mobility
  • Carrying handle and cable holder
  • Transport handle with practical trolley function
  • Integrated appliance socket with auto-function + switch-off delay
  • Blow connector
  • Water drain screw
  • Storage compartment for small parts
  • Space saving accessory mount
  • Telescopic stainless steel suction tube
  • Air regulator on the handle
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  • Special Features
  • Capacity
    30 liter
  • Engine power
    1200 Watt
  • Product Type
    Wet / dry vacuum cleaner
  • Color
    yellow / black