TerraTec Grabby

产品编号:90312384, 制造商编号:10620
29,40 €
XXX的说明: TerraTec Grabby
Grabby and MAGIX Movies on DVD TerraTec edition are the perfect team for burning VCDs, SVCDs and DVDs with just a few clicks of the mouse. Copy your videos via USB onto your laptop or computer. Needless to say, Grabby also supports all analog video sources such as camcorders and set-top boxes. Use video and slide show editing functions as well as the fully customizable selection menus to burn your valuable movie memories forever to CD and DVD at top quality. Also, it's quick and easy.
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Analog signal inputs: composite-(RCA) and S-video, stereo audio (RCA)
  • Video standard: PAL, NTSC, SECAM
  • Powered via USB bus (no additional power supply needed)
  • Copy
    No matter what device or medium you want to import data from - from video recorders to satellite receivers, camcorders, and even DVD players - all devices with analog video outputs can be connected with a composite or S-video cable. With one-click disc copies, you can even burn your movies to DVD directly while transferring - without having to store them on your hard drive first!
  • Edit
    Edit out the commercials or other unwanted parts from your recordings. Add slide shows and videos. Pep up your creation with a wide range of transition effects and set the right mood by adding music and live commentary. Finally, select a menu template or create an individualized animated menu. Now Grabby will burn your CD or DVD.
  • Playback
    In no time at all, you have produced a professional DVD that is well worth watching - whether on your laptop or on your television. Surprise your friends with a DVD you created yourself! With just one click, you can make as many copies as you like and, as the perfect finishing touch, embellish your CD/DVD with labels using the integrated label program.
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