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HighPoint Rocket 640L

Art-Nr.: 90645534
, 制造商编号: Rocket640L
  • Connection via PCI Express x4
  • Low Profile
  • 4x SATA 3 internal
销售自: 四月 2016


Rocket 600 Series HBA's – The Industry's most affordable SATA 6Gb/s Storage Solutions

HighPoint's Rocket 600 series are the industry's most affordable SATA 6Gb/s PCI-Express 2.0 HBA's. These best-selling host controllers are the ideal low-cost storage upgrade for any desktop PC, and support up to 4 internal or external SATA hard drives and SSD's. Rocket 600 series HBA's are industry AHCI compliant SATA 6Gb/s Host controllers.

Rocket 620AP HyperDuo mode Enables Truly Cost-Effective SSD Performance 

Safe Mode and Capacity Mode: Safe Mode provides optimal data protection by mirroring data from the SSD to the hard disk for maximum resiliency. Capacity Mode augments SSD and HDD capacity for the most cost-effective configuration. 

HyperDuo also offers a graphical user interface (GUI) utility to enable fine-grained control of what files and directories are stored in the SSD. Power users can view file directories that the HyperDuo deems as hot data and decide whether to move it to the SSD or keep the data on the slower hard drive. For novice users, HyperDuo performs automatic background updates to periodically monitor hot file directories, with minimal CPU overhead.  

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