Brother P-touch H500LI

产品编号:90550074, 制造商编号:PTH500LIG1
110,83 €
XXX的说明: Brother P-touch H500LI
Labeling to help improve productivity and organization is a best practice that's relevant for workplaces of every kind - not just the traditional office. That's why Brother designed the P-touch PT-H500LI with robust functionality, in an easy-to-use, take-it-anywhere size. Its bright display, rechargeable battery, QWERTY-style keyboard, and Windows/Mac compatibility make it great for store owners, warehouse managers, building contractors, and other professionals who need the flexibility of printing labels away from their desk or connected to a computer.
  • Powered by included rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack
  • Preview work on the large Brother vivid bright display
  • Create extra-wide, durable labels for indoor or outdoor use
  • Print multiple lines of text and graphics
  • Intuitive one-touch keys for quick, easy label formatting
  • Super-fast print speeds and auto cutting support efficient multi-label printing
  • Hundreds of built-in symbols, fonts, frames, and barcodes
  • Flexible power source
    It is great for professionals whose work requires them to be away from a desk for much, if not all, of their day.
  • Easy and accurate typing
    Unlike many handheld labelers, the PT-H500LI offers a generously-sized, QWERTY-style keyboard that makes typing easy and virtually effortless. In addition, the intuitive, one-touch formatting keys support quick label creation.
  • Print large, easy-to-read labels for a variety of uses
    Use durable, laminated TZe tapes up to 24 mm wide (approximately 1") to make labels with up to seven lines of text and graphics. Print up to 48 point text for maximum readability. The extensive library of fonts, symbols, frames, and barcodes help to create virtually any label imagined.
  • Durable tapes
    Leave a lasting impression with labels that look great and stay affixed for years. The durable, TZe series of tapes produce labels whereby the text is printed under and protected by a clear laminate layer. The result is sharp, professional quality labels that remain affixed and clearly readable for years.
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  • Product type
    lettering device
  • Connectors
  • Resolution
    180 dpi
  • Network
  • Max. media width
    24 mm
  • Ausstattung
  • Colour
  • Colour Printing
  • Power supplied via
    Power adapter