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Raidsonic ICY BOX IB-166SSK-B Wechselrahmen SATA/SAS schwarz

Art-Nr.: 90630121
, № произв.: 16802
  • Съемная рамка для 1x 3.5" SATA3
  • Горячая замена fähig
  • Connection via SATA3
  • Abschließbar

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Trayless Mobile Rack for 3.5" SATA/SAS HDD

  • Super fast HDD installation and exchange without tray
  • Supports all 3.5" SATA HDDs in a 5.25" bay
  • Rubber cushion to avoid vibration and noise
  • Aluminium and stainless steel
  • Supports Hot Swap
  • NSS (No-Scratch SATA) connector >50.000 times Hot Swap
  • Key lock to prevent improper operation
  • Fanless design, no noise
Quick Change

This trayless mobile rack is designed for fast and frequent changes of the hard disc drives. Its remarkable NSS mechanism (NSS = no scratch SATA) makes more than 50,000 HDD changes possible. That means, given around 5 HDD changes per workday you can use this rack at least 50 years.

Easy Swap®

No tools or screw are needed in order to install an HDD in this trayless mobile rack. Once built in a 5.25” bay, simply open the front panel, insert the HDD and close the panel again. Done.

Data security

The lock provide a security against theft by unauthorized persons and both LED rings doesn’t only look stylish, but are also providing interesting information to the user concerning HDD activity and more.

Robust materials

The patented NSS (Non-Scratch-SATA) connector is built to withstand 50000 HDD replacements, Which means about 50 years if we calculate four to five changes per day. This special aluminium enclosure is concepted without fan and the built-in rubber padding protects and vibrations and noise.

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Аксессуары для Raidsonic ICY BOX IB-166SSK-B Wechselrahmen SATA/SAS schwarz

Аксессуары для Raidsonic ICY BOX IB-166SSK-B Wechselrahmen SATA/SAS schwarz