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RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-138SK-II beige

Art-Nr.: 90213238
, № произв.: 20040
  • Съемная рамка для 1x 3.5" SATA2
  • Горячая замена fähig
  • Abschließbar
В ассортименте с: Январь 2007

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SATA aluminium mobil rack

  • SATA to SATA interface 
  • Plug & Play and Hot Swap 
  • 2x Power connector (4pin and 15pin) 
  • Compact construction (188 mm deep) 
  • Antidust panel 
  • All aluminium material 
  • Front cooling fan 
  • Keylock as power switch 
  • "Blue Eye"–design 
  • LED for power on and HDD access (Device Activity Signal) 
  • Black, silver or beige
The blue eyes

This mobile rack can be used with SATA hard disks. To connect this mobil rack with your mainboard use the SATA interface. The aluminium material and the front fan provides an excellent cooling. As a special feature the "Blue Eye" LED was integrated in the front of the case.

Innovative design

That the carrier can be disconnected from the mobile rack, that is nothing new. But making the carrier hermetic so it is safe for transport is. The fan is not installed as usually on  the platine, but it is installed on the front of the carrier, this way the air circulation is better.

Not only a lock

What seems like a normal lock is much more than that. as long as the lock is not closed, no power will come to the HDD. In this way it is impossible to forget locking the media.

All good things are three

The IB-138 is available in three different colors: Beige, black and silver. It supports three SATA versions (I/II/III) with up to 6 Gbit/s transfer rates and three LED indicators to inform regarding HDD access, power and deco-LED (Blue-eye). Finally primarily 3.5" HDDs belong in the slot.

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