PCTV Dual Sat Pro PCI 4000i

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PCTV Dual Sat Pro features two highquality digital satellite tuners on one PCI board. Used in combination with the included, all-new Pinnacle TVCenter Pro software, it delivers a more versatile satellite TV and PVR experience. You can enjoy Picture-In- Picture (PiP) viewing on your PC. You can also watch, record and TimeShift two TV programmes at the same time.

PCTV Positioning:
PCTV is Pinnacle´s premium range of TV watch/recording solutions for PC owners. PCTV Dual Sat Pro is a highend PCTV product that combines cutting-edge dual tuner hardware technology with dedicated multi-tuner software. The hardware and software were developed together, assuring easier setup, better performance and higher compatibility.

PCTV Target Maeket:
Typical PCTV customers are technology enthusiasts who want to add full TV and PVR functionality to their PC. They want high quality solutions from a brand name they trust; they may already use other Pinnacle products. Customers for PCTV Dual Sat Pro have access to free-to-air satellite broadcasts and are passionate about TV. They want maximum flexibility. They want to be able to watch one show while recording another, or watch/record two different shows at the same time. They also want to experiment with new features such as Picture in Picture.

Key Features:
  • Enjoy two satellite TV or radio (DVB-S) programmes simultaneously on your PC
  • On your PC, watch one TV show in full screen mode and the other as Picture In Picture or watch two TV shows in moveable, scaleable windows
  • Gain full control over two TV programmes with the unique DualTimeShifting feature.
  • Record TV programmes directly to hard disk in the original MPEG-2 format or in the space saving DivX format.
  • Record directly in PlayStation Portable (PSP) or iPod Video compatible MPEG4 format to take your favourite TV shows with you.
  • AutoPowerON before scheduled recordings
  • AutoPowerOFF after finished recordings
  • Use the integrated Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to schedule onetime or recurring recordings
  • Enjoy TV with Dolby Digital sound on your PC
  • Get ultra fast Teletext from two channels in parallel and select your favourite Teletext channel while watching another channel
  • Use IP data services such as Internet via Sat or Video On Demand
  • Remove commercials and create your own DVDs with the included Pinnacle Studio QuickStart video editing application (Windows XP only)
Die PCTV Dual Sat Pro PCI 4000i ist für einen PCI-Erweiterungssteckplatz geeignet. Ein es zusätzlich ein Radio integriert. Praktisch ist die zum Lieferumfang zählende Fernbedienung. Zum Empfang von per Satellit ausgestrahltem Fernsehen arbeitet im Gerät ein DVB-S-Receiver. Die TV-Karte beherrscht Timeshift. Somit ist sie in der Lage, eine Aufzeichnung wiederzugeben, bevor diese abgeschlossen ist.

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