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LEPA EXllusion 240

Art-Nr.: 90638724
, № произв.: LPWEL240-HF
  • Жидкость-кулеры
  • 2x 120 mm Вентилятор
  • 500 - 1800 rpm @ 30.0 dB
  • compatible sockets: 775, 1150 / 1151 / 1151-v2 / 1155 / 1156, 1356, 1366, 2011 / 2011-v3 / 2066, AM2 (+) / AM3 (+) / FM1
В ассортименте с: Февраль 2016

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LPWEL240-HF EXllusion 240mm with two 12cm-Fans
  • Strong and Stable Compact CPU Liquid Cooler - Refillable and extendable CPU compact water cooling with exceptional cooling performance, for effective cooling of overclocked high-performance processors.
  • Fast Heat Conduction - Nickel-plated copper cooling plate with double Central Diffusing Passage (CDP). The patented technology enables a higher flow rate and effective elimination of CPU hotspots due to the created two wide channels within the micro lamella structure.
  • High Airflow Fans - The high air flow fan is specifically designed for the use on radiators. The sturdy design and the special dual convex shape of the fan blades enable an exceptionally high cooling performance at minimum noise levels.
  • LED tank - The water block carries more coolant than other compact water cooler. This promotes the circulation of the cooling liquid and ensures efficient heat exchange. Thanks to the windows on the cooling block and the transparent tubes, the user can monitor the operation and level of the radiator easily, at any time. In addition to that the water block is lighted with LED.
  • Colour Your Cooling! - LEPA provides three coolant colors with the product (red, green and blue). In this way, the user can mix his favorite color and color the coolant individually.
  • Quiet pump including ceramics bearing - High pump unit for low noise and corrosion- free operation.
  • Fan with Dual-Convex-Rotors - The innovative aerodynamic design of the fan blades produces a high static pressure and increases the air flow. In this way the two 120 mm fan equipped with dual convex rotors enable a higher cooling performance even at lower rpm.
  • Refillable System - Quick and easy refilling, mixing or dyeing of the coolant. 500 ml LEPA - coolant specially supplied with the product.
  • Universal and easy Installation - Stable assembly set for a user-friendly installation. The EXllusion supports all current Intel® and AMD® sockets.
  • 240-mm-Radiator - Higher heat transfer rate and maximum cooling performance due to high quality double radiator.

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