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Hama Mini-Schraubendreher-Set

Art-Nr.: 90205322
, № произв.: 39694

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Fed Up With Never Having The Right Tool To Do The Job?

It can be quite frustrating when you have a loose screw or broken item in your home or office which needs fixing as a matter of urgency but on going to your very limited toolbox and pulling out that generic screwdriver which works for most things, you realise it won’t fix this problem. Maybe this is the first time this has happened, maybe it is not but whatever happens, this screw or broken item is not going to fix itself and without an adequate tool collection, this will not be an isolated event and the same problem will undoubtedly rear its ugly head again. Hama has a low cost solution essential for your fine mechanical works? The Hama Mini Screwdriver Kit.

Get Equipped With Hama!

The fantastic Mini Screwdriver Kit from Hama, will provide you with the ultimate solution to your loose screws and broken products (particularly electrical devices), with its collection of different sized and shaped drivers, all of which are stored in a compact elegant pouch made from artificial leather which can easily be transported to and from the office so no matter where you are, you can rest assured that you will always have your tools with you. The kit comprises of 3 slotted driver bits, 3 recessed driver bits, 6 torque driver bits and a high quality solid full metal handle with corrugated non-slip surface for attaching your drivers securely and maintaining a firm grip whilst working. Furthermore, being so compact, the kit can easily fit in your trouser pocket if you are without a bag to store it in.

Be equipped and ready for any unexpected problems with this brilliant Mini Screwdriver Kit from Hama!


  • For carrying out all minor repairs at home, on PCs, notebooks and electronic devices
  • Indispensable for fine mechanical works, e.g. on electronic devices
  • In an elegant pouch made from artificial leather
  • Can easily fit in your trouser pocket
  • Kit consisting of:
  • Solid full metal handle with corrugated non-slip surface
  • 3 driver bits "slotted"
  • 3 driver bits "recessed"
  • 6 driver bits "torque"

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