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Enermax Digifanless 550 Watt

Art-Nr.: 90590563
, № произв.: EDF550AWN
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  • 550 Watt, ATX, активныйPFC
  • 12x SATA, 8x Molex
  • 2x PCIe 8-конактн., 6x PCIe 6-конактн.
  • пассивныйэл. кулер
  • 80 PLUS Platinum сертификат
  • Маркировка и укладка кабелей
В ассортименте с: Март 2015

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Silent Operation. Brilliant Technology. Precious Design.

  • Fanless Power Supply
    The sophisticated passive cooling system of the Digifanless power supply guarantees a completely silent operation (0db(A)). The PSU is therefore the first choice for all silent PCs, multimedia stations or HTPCs.

    Attention! Please keep the main air vent upside in the chassis. Do not block the air vents of the power supply and ensure an adequate air circulation in your PC system.
  • Digital Monitoring & Control System
    The Digifanless is equipped with a digital interface to transmit and control the most essential performance values. With the ZDPMS software (“Zero-Delay Power Monitoring System”) users can easily monitor the power supply operation and customize certain functions, eg. switch between multi- or single-rail mode, fine tune the 12V output voltage or set the trigger points for OCP/OVP warning messages. More information about the various function of the ZDPMS software you can find in the ZDPMS manual. Please note that the software supports only Enermax power supplies with ZDPMS interface.
  • Full-Modular Cable Management with Individually Sleeved Cables
    The full-modular cable management simplifies the system installation: Unnecessary cables can be detached to save space. The flexible cable sleeving allows for a comfortable and efficient cable routing. Enermax applies a high-quality black cable sleeving with individually sleeved wires, which creates a precious visual effect.


  • 80 PLUS® Platinum
    Up to 93% efficiency at 230VAC between 20 and 100% load. The Digifanless 550W is 80 PLUS® Platinum certified. The digital interface of the power supplies provides a continuous control of the system power consumption and efficiency rate. Thanks to the included ZDPMS software, users can further calculate the electricity costs and carbon footprint.
  • Support of EU Eco-Design Regulations
    The Digifanless 550W helps systems to meet the latest EU eco-design directive ErP Lot 6 2013 (< 0.5W in standby mode*) due to a high-efficient 5V standby (+5Vsb) circuitry as well as the EU regulation no. 617/2013 demanding amongst others 85% efficiency at 50% load and 82% at 20% and 100% load.
    * only in combination with an ErP Lot 6 2013 ready mainboard


  • DC-to-DC Design
    The secondary voltages (5V & 3.3V) are generated by the primary 12V rail. This leads to a high-efficient operation, clean output voltages with an extremely low ripple noise as well as an optimal voltage regulation from zero to high loading.
  • Copper-Bridge Array
    The innovative Copper-Bridge Array technology ensures a direct voltage transmission with low resistance and higher efficiency rates. Finally, the clean layout provides a more efficient air circulation and heat dissipation.
  • Multi-Rail Design with Single-Rail Option
    Secure and stable power supply thanks to two high-performance and massive 12V rails with separate over-current protection (OCP). Possibility to switch to single-rail operation via the ZDPMS software to run PC systems with high performance or overclocked graphics cards and CPUs.


  • Intel® ATX12V v2.4
    Compliant with the latest desktop power supply design guide. Full support of most current Intel® and AMD® CPU.
  • Intel® Haswell™ Ready!
    The Zero Load Design of Digifanless enables the C6/C7 energy-saving functions of latest Intel® processors incl. the Haswell™ generation.
  • Full Gaming Power
    Four 6+2(8)P PCI-Express connectors to power the latest high-end graphics cards and multi-GPU systems (SLI®/CrossfireX™).
  • Worldwide Compatibility
    Automatic 100-240V AC input for global usage and up to 99% active Power Factor Correction (PFC).

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