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Enermax D.F. Vegas 120mm

Art-Nr.: 90670655
, № произв.: UCDFV12A-BL
  • 120x120 mm, 25mm Монтажная глубина
  • Drehzahlbereich: макс. 800 - 1500 rpm
  • (макс. 62 cfm (105.3 m³/h) @ 22.0 dB
  • Colour: schwarz / blau
  • ШИМ, Демпфер

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D.F. Vegas and D.F. Vegas Duo have been designed specifically for gaming and modding enthusiasts. 
The patented  DFR™ technology allows the D.F. Vegas and D.F. Vegas Duo to remove automatically the dust from the fan blades. After starting the PC, the fan spins in reverse at full speed removing the dust. After that it will shift back to the normal operation mode. 
D.F. Vegas comes with patented circular LED ring (CLL™) including 12 blue LED diodes to create stunning lighting effects. 
D.F. Vegas Duo is also featured with patented CLL™ technology, but the Duo-LED ring includes 24 LED diodes (12x red and 12x green).

Bothe fan models come with manually switchable LED modes and memory function that allows the user to keep using the favourite lighting mode when the PC is restarted.
Thanks to the APS function ("Adjustable Peak Speed") you can select the speed range of D.F. Vegas and D.F. Vegas Duo fan on three levels. Within the selected RPM range, the speed is controlled automatically by the PWM controller on the motherboard. D.F. Vegas and D.F. Vegas Duo are based on the second generation of the patented, quiet running Twister Bearing™ with a 30 years of 160,000 hours MTBF.

Dust Free Rotation™ Technology
  • DFR™ (Dust Free Rotation) technology: The patented DFR™ technology helps to increase the product 30 years by reducing dust accumulation and therfore increses the cooling performance.The fan spins in reverse direction after starting to remove accumulated dust from the fan blades. After 10 seconds it returns to normal operation.
Speed Controls
  • Adjustable Peak Speed (APS): Multi-purpose fan for easy customisation according to the system requirements. With a small switch on the side, the end user can choose three different RPM ranges: Ultra Silent Mode / Silent Mode / Performance Mode.
  • PWM Speed Control: Flexible fan speed control via mainboard pulse width modulation (PWM) within the selected RPM range Modus (800 - 1,100 RPM / 800 - 1,300 RPM / 800 - 1,500 RPM).
Powerful Cooling
  • The 2nd Generation of the patented Twister Bearing: Smooth and persistently silent operation due to the patented Twister Bearing Technology. The second generation of the bearing guarantees up to 160,000 hours MTBF.
Easy Maintenance
  • Click Mechanism: Detachable blades for further easy cleaning from dust.
  • Effective vibration reduction: Four isolator mounts reduce vibrations and make the fan installation easier.

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