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Cooltek KX Green Midi Tower schwarz/grün

Art-Nr.: 90687582
, № произв.: CTC KX GREEN
1 сегодня смотрели
  • Midi-Tower
  • supports ATX, mATX Boards
  • Внутр.: 2x 2.5", 3x 3.5", / 2x 5.25"
  • 1 /
  • 2x USB3.0, 1x USB2.0
  • CPU cooler heigth up to 155 mm, GPU up to ~ 330 mm
В ассортименте с: Март 2017

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Our KX mid tower is well equipped and offers an attractive price-performance-ratio.

The KX is a functional, elegant, as well as inexpensive standard mid tower. Two external 5.25 bays for the installation of an optical drive are available. At the top of the front, the I/O-panel is located, which offers 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, as well as HD-audio-connectors. Appropriate peripheral devices can be connected quickly and easily from the front. The lower part of the front is dominated by the colored MESH-elements, which allow for a very effective cooling of the HDDs and the installed hardware. The ODD quick locks are either in red, green, blue, orange, or white, depending on the model.

The Power- and HDD-LED are located in the red strip at the top of the front. The Power-Button is located to the right of the USB connectors. A storage compartment is located in the front of the top cover. You can store and charge smartphones or MP3 players, using the easily available USB ports. The compartment can also be used for external hard drives or digital cameras.

The chassis of the KX is made from steel and is carefully painted matte black. The case is characterized by a valent processed steel chassis - carefully folded and deburred edges protect against cuts when installing the hardware.

Internally, the KX offers a HDD cage for two 3.5 inch drives. Another 3.5 inch drive can be mounted beneath the 5.25 inch bay. A dedicated 2.5 inch mounting space is located on the HDD wall of the case. Another 2.5 inch drive can be mounted on top of the 3.5 inch cage. The drives are secured with screws.

The KX features a ventilation system suited for this price level. Included is a rear mounted 120 mm fan, which helps removing the heat from the inside of the case. Another 120 mm fan can be mounted behind the front cover. The side panel offers two additional mounting spaces for 120 mm fans. The cooling performance of existing VGA cards and CPU coolers can be improved and optimized by installing fans in the side panel.

Due to the supply of fresh air via an optional mounted  120 mm front fan and the removal of the heated air through the pre-installed 120 mm fan at the back, a very effective ventilation system can be implemented, to which the air holes in the left side panel of the tower contribute considerably.

The KX is designed for all conventional ATX power supplies. The PSU is installed at the top of the rear panel. Seven PCI expansion slots are available at the back of the case. ATX and Micro ATX motherboards can be installed in the case.

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