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Cooltek Dämmungset - Universal Dämmmatten

Art-Nr.: 90590436
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Universal insulation kit

For the effective noise insulation of PC cases we offer you the insulation mats from the "Cooltek" series as a universal insulation set.

Modern high-end systems are often producing a high noise level due to the use of high-spinning hard disks and a multitude of fans. The Cooltek insulation mats are perfectly suited to effectively reduce the noise level.

By using the set it is easily possible to line a desktop case. For midi-towers, usually two sets are needed, for big towers a total of three.

The set consists of two different materials.

3 x 12 mm strong self-adhesive kombi-mats, consisting of 2 mm bitumen and 10 mm PUR soft foam with honeycomb-shaped depressions for the insulation of airborne sounds. (Dimensions: 360 x 165 x 12 mm, weight: 4,20 kg/m²)

1 x 2 mm strong self-adhesive bitumen to reduce structure-borne noises. (Dimensions:  360 x 165 x 2 mm, weight: 1,75 kg/m²)

The main objective during the conceptual design was to offer a maximum sound proofing at an acceptable material thickness. The pieces are self-adhesive and thus easily mountable. Due to the composition of the sets it works effectively against airborne and structure-borne noise. For the best possible and effective sound insulation, you should use the most effective 12 mm kombi-mats wherever possible. Where it is required by the type of construction, the thinner mats (bitumen- 2 mm) can be used.

The effect of this specially designed material significantly exceeds occasionally used "DIY solutions" - the materials used comply with all applicable standards for this purpose.

Features of the Cooltek insulation:

  • Additional stiffening of the case
  • Extremely strong and durable adhesive properties of the self-adhesive foil
  • Effective against airborne and structure borne noise

Safety: Made in Germany, TUV certified production, no carcinogenic ingredients or increased health risk, no sulfur-containing ingredients. Only pure bitumen, Jurassic chalk and soapstone flour are used. Glue and mats are absolutely odorless - the mats are flame retardant (DIN 75200 Class SE and U.S. standard FMSS 302).

Please note that the results to be achieved depend significantly on the components used. Naturally, it is not designed to catch all the operating noise of high-running case fans or a very noisy power supply. The noise produced by high-spinning hard disk drives or the high-frequent sounds of a CPU-cooler will be reduced dramatically.

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