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Avexir S100 SSD SATA grüne LED 480GB

Art-Nr.: 90726759
, № произв.: AVSSDS100Z4-480GB
  • 480 GB SSD, Connection via SATA3
  • Form factor 2.5"
  • макс. 460 MB/s, макс. 550 MB/s
  • MLC-Speicherzellen
В ассортименте с: Май 2018

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S100 Series
Are you tired of all identical SSDs? What can SSD show you except performance? Catering to the trend of case modding, Avexir researched and designed the world first LED light effect SSD-S100 series SSD. Its aggressive casing is using multiple layers of combined high-quality metal materials and special curve design. Also, it is with exclusive patented LED light guide technology, five different LED colors available to create the perfect rhythm in your PC for the best visual experience. SSD is not just a storage device. Avexir provides you a whole new SSD choice.

Absolutely performance of read/ write speed

AVEXIR gives you the world first LED light effect SSD- S100 series SSD, but also the absolutely performance, delivering read/write speeds up to 550MB/s & 460MB/s. It perfectly meets the consumers’ demands for desktops. Undoubtedly, Avexir S100 series SSD will give you the best experience of high speed for loading application and system boot up.

Utilizing Original manufacturer MLC NAND

MLC (multi-level cell) has been well-known by its high performance and endurance. Different from entry-level E100 series SSD, S100 series SSD is positioned as high-end product line. It utilized original manufacturer MLC NAND with powerful ECC engine correcting (up to 55bit/1KB) to assure the product reliability.

Optimizing power supply & PCB layout design

S100 series SSD utilized eight layers PCB design with strict manufacturing process to increase the signal conduction. Also, properly arranging and separating power wires and signal cables to decrease the interruption play an important role for high-speed I/O SSD.

Eco-friendly, sturdy, cool and silent

The problems of HDD casing by mechanical structure, including vibration, noise and heating issue won’t be found in AVEXIR S100 series SSD anymore.

Various Choices of LED Colors

S100 Series provides five LED colors of Blue, Red, Green, White and Orange, so you always have the right choice to suit your motherboard and make them breathing alive.

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Аксессуары для Avexir S100 SSD SATA grüne LED 480GB

Аксессуары для Avexir S100 SSD SATA grüne LED 480GB