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Antec 3-Series Value Select 8GB DDR4 RAM

Art-Nr.: 90746086
, № произв.: AMD4UZ124001508G-3S
  • 8 GB RAM, 1 Module
  • DDR4, 2400 MHz (PC4-19200U)
  • DIMM 288 Pin, CL15
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3 Series

3 Series DDR4 memory kit is designed for overclocking performance and engineered for efficiency. Top-quality memory modules selected by our product development team pass an array of continuous, full-load calculation operation tests and maintain their performance, even in high-temperature environments. The 3 Series has passed rigorous testing and is stable for long-term computing environments. Top-notch efficiency, with operating voltage reduced to 1.2V, along with Intel's XMP technology give you and your system an extra edge.

  • Thorough testing procedures to ensure product quality and reliability
  • Perfectly compatible with mainstream motherboards on the market
  • Strict selection criteria for memory particles
  • The 3 Series DDR4 memory modules are based on the standards of the United States Electronic Equipment Engineering Joint Committee (JEDEC) and are manufactured by selecting good memory particles from original memory particle manufacturers
    • Complete chip group compatibility/motherboard compatibility
    • Strict selection of high-quality ICs
    • Intel XMP 2.0 support enables overclocking through one simple BIOS setting 
    • Low operating voltage - 1.2V~1.35V
    • Using the latest JEDEC Association RC2.0 circuit configuration
  • DDR4 investment is ending at 1866 MT/s, while DDR4 speeds START at 2133 MT/s 
  • 50% Performance boost in bandwidth
  • ADDR/CMD parity on DRAM 
  • Voltage is 1.2 V lower than DDR3 1.5 V (at lest 20% power savings)
INTEL XMP (Extreme Memory Profile)

XMP is the memory optimization technique developed by INTEL. You can simply install the modules to supported motherboards and get the performance enhanced via the BIOS menu just a click away by select XMP in the BIOS and you are ready to run.

Antec IC Sorting Technology

Every single chip of Antec memory is prescreened by AIST (Antec IC Sorting Technology), and then to test the compatibility for the diversity of motherboard with 8 hours reliability test. The DRAM IC and the memory module Antec use, are been tests and validates for long time working, to ensure the best stability of the system and the memory can working for long time.

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