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TV Sets

TVs bring Hollywood into your living room

Exciting thrillers, sweeping action, romantic love comedies or funny comedy series - no matter what you prefer to watch on television: every TV evening becomes an adventure with high quality LED/LCDs, Plasma TVs or 3D-TVs equipped with the latest technology and comfortable controls. Crystal clear pictures in full HD, surround sound and 3D effects bring you really close to the stars and re-create a cinema atmosphere.

At computeruniverse you will find a great variety of TVs which allow you to bring the ultimate cinema feeling into your living room. Clicking on the link below will bring you immediately to the offers of your choice.

TVs become multi-media stations

The times where a TV was only there to watch TV are long gone. Innovative technology turns TVs to all-round-geniuses in the entertainment sector. For example, if your TV is equipped with the respective connections, you can connect compatible multi-media devices such as a digital camera directly with the TV via USB or HDMI. This allows you to watch photos and home-made movies directly on the big screen of the TV without having to first store them on the PC. With a TV which also supports access to the Internet, you can watch online-TV, use the online media centres of the TV stations or listen to online radio.

The right TV for every requirement

You have the choice between various TVs depending on the range of application or preferred usage. The own home cinema works best with a large TV with a huge screen size. However, smaller TVs are more suitable as a second TV or for smaller rooms. If you don´t want to go without a TV while you are on the road, a Mini-TV is the ideal companion for you. This way you are sure to catch every important football game or your favourite series.

With suitable accessories for TVs you can upgrade your TV: 3D glasses bring the adventure within your reach, background lighting allows your TV to stand out and also creates the right atmosphere during your evening in front of the TV Wall brackets, which are available for you at computeruniverse for various TV models, provide the ideal position for your TV. Are you looking for brand quality from a specific TV manufacturer? At computeruniverse you will find TVs from well known brands such as Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Grundig, Philips, Sony and others. At your request, you can select all of the TVs from your favourite brand with the practical product filter.

Our shopping tip: Looking for a high performance and economical TV is very easy at computeruniverse. Just click on the link to your desired TV sector, filter all offers according to your requests and subsequently sort the list according to ascending price. The most economic TVs complying with your requirements will be shown first in the list.