Team Xtreem 8Pack 32GB DDR4 Kit RAM

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, Manufacturer's no.: TXBD432G4000HC18FQC01
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  • 32 GB RAM, 4x 8 GB Kit
  • DDR4, 4000 MHz (PC4-32000U)
  • DIMM 288 Pin, CL18
In the product range since: June 2018

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  • The finest crafted heat spreader with unique trench design
  • High-efficiency aluminum heat spreader
  • 10 layers of circuit board
  • Selected high quality SAMSUNG original IC chips
  • 1.2V~1.4V ultra low working voltage
  • Support Intel XMP 2.0 smart overclocking technology
  • QVL approved by motherboard manufactures in the market
T-FORCE fit with OCUK, Powered and Certified by 8 pack

Now the T-FORCE series XTREEM and DARK PRO are certified by OCUK famous overclocking champion ”8 pack” to publish all the powerful specifications, which means these DRAM modules are all passed the serious stress performance test and quality insured to be the special 8 packs and T-FORCE edition. No doubt and guaranteed will be the top notch!

The unprecedented moment of glory

In the date of January 13th, 2017, when Thai Overclocker, “Audigy”, submitted the historic DDR4 5260.8mhz to the CPUZ as DRAM world record frequency, the whole overclocking world was shocked by how amazing T-FORCE XTREEM is. Yet after the storm, the XTREEM never took the rest, Audigy sealed another world record, 5280Mhz, in the date of March 30th, 2017.

Global overclocking new record

Until this moment as May of 2017, the world’s top 3 records are all in the name of TEAMGROUP T-FORCE XTREEM. Consequently, this DRAM overclocking legend is born, “The Special Edition of T-FORCE XTREEM!.” It is made by high selected and hand screened IC from SAMSUNG Original 21st Nano –Micron DDR4 B-die IC topped Jedec newest RC 2.0 pcb, and high quality aluminum CNC craft heat spreader with overclocking mentor, Onepagebook, use high power laser technology autograph on the pure black coating T-FORCE name plate. The quantity of this XTREEM Special Edition is highly restricted for only 50 sets. It is only for the people who would like to ride to the journey of their own world record.

With unique trench design and improve radiating performance 10%

The TEAMGROUP design team had built a heat spreader with an all new exterior design concept. The overclocking memory module with highest specification is built by top notch aluminum extrusion process and CNC machining. The unique trench design can increase the radiating area to improve radiating efficiency. XTREEM combines simple and magnificent design with its top specification overclocking memory module. The clean, sleek lines are able to magnify its high speed specification.

RC2.0 board largely improves stability

The number of PCB layers is 25% more than normal memories. This provides better efficiency and performance since the power layer and the signal layer has a farther distance between each other. Without the interference between the power and the signal, it can offer players the overclocking pleasure and a high stability overclocking memory module.

Selected high quality SAMSUNG original IC chips

TEAMGROUP insists on using high quality SAMSUNG original IC chips and passed through various rigorous internal tests. Its high reliability makes players feel at ease.

Ultra low working voltage Save energy up to 40%

With low working voltage 1.2~1.4V from DDR4 XTREEM , it is not only energy saving but it can also reduce the temperature and the heat generated to offer the high speed running memory a stable and long time operation.

XMP2.0 1 step overclocking technology

All XTREEM series support Intel XMP 2.0. It is only one step away to experience the high speed sensation of overclocking.

QVL approved by motherboard manufacturers

Multiple compatibility verifications with mainstream DDR4 motherboards to make sure its stability with all motherboards on the QVL(Qualified Vendor List). Therefore, you wouldn’t’ have to worry about compatibility issues when purchasing high speed memory.
Moderne Programme bieten immer komplexere Funktionen und verarbeiten immer größere Datenmengen - egal ob Office, Spiele oder Videos und Fotos. Damit Ihr Computer diese Datenmengen schnell genug verarbeiten und bereitstellen können besitzt jeder Computer einen Arbeitsspeicher, auch RAM genannt. Da er um ein vielfaches schneller ist als Festplatten oder SSDs greifen alle Laufenden Programme auf den RAM zu - er fungiert quasi als Kurzzeitgedächtnis des Computers. Eine Aufrüstung des RAMs vermeidet einen Flaschenhals für die Systemleistung und ist eine günstige Methode Ihren Rechner schneller zu machen.

Das Team Xtreem 8Pack 32GB DDR4 Kit wird als Kit ausgeliefert - Sie erhalten 4 Speichermodule, von denen jedes einzelne 8 GB Kapazität besitzt. Nach Einbau des Team Xtreem 8Pack 32GB DDR4 Kit stehen Ihnen also 32 GB Arbeitsspeicher zusätzlich zur Verfügung.
Das Team Xtreem 8Pack 32GB DDR4 Kit entspricht dem DIMM 288 Pin Standardformat. Somit kann es leicht und schnell in kompatible Mainboards eingebaut werden. Halten Sie das RAM-Modul senkrecht an einen freien RAM-Slot des Mainboards und achten auf die Führungskerben - liegen diese deckend übereinander rastet das Speichermodul nach kurzem Druck ein.

Durch die Taktfrequenz von 4000 MHz (PC4-32000U) erfolgen alle Speicherzugriffe schnell und zügig. Die Geschwindigkeit des RAMs ist zwar wichtig, doch auch die Reaktionszeit muss stimmen.
Dank einer besonders niedrigen Latenz von CL18 reagiert der Team Xtreem 8Pack 32GB DDR4 Kit besonders schnell auf alle eingehenden Anfragen.

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