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ASRock Z97X Killer + ASUS Echelon Gaming Mouse Pad

ID: 90550079-b1696, SKU: 90-MXGU30-A0UAYZ+90YH0031-BDUA00
  • ATX, Socket 1150
  • Intel Z97, 4x DDR3 max. 32 GB
  • 3x PCIe (x16), 3x PCIe (x1)
  • CrossfireX, SLI, HDMI, DVI, VGA
  • 8x SATA3, M.2 Slot, GB-LAN
  • 8x USB3.0, 6x USB2.0
  • + ASUS Echelon Gaming Mouse Pad
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    Listed since: Mai 2014

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    € 135,90
    incl. VAT plus Dispatch
    available on short notice
    3-5 days delivery time

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    Description for ASRock Z97X Killer + ASUS Echelon Gaming Mouse Pad

    ASRock Killer series features the Killer E2200 intelligent networking platform is built for maximum networking performance for online games and high-quality streaming media. Featuring Advanced Stream Detect, Killer E2200 automatically detects and accelerates game traffic ahead of other network traffic for smoother, stutter-free in-game performance and the competitive edge. With this exclusive, automatic traffic prioritization, games and real-time chat get priority over low-level system chatter, giving you the lowest latency for game data on the most controllable network hardware.

    • Fast networking performance
      Delivering faster networking performance for time-sensitive UDP (User Datagram Protocol) based applications, such as online games and high quality media streaming.
    • Killer network manager
      Use Qualcomm Atheros Killer network manager to classify and prioritize online games, HD video and high quality audio for better quality and fewer interruptions in your online experience.
    • XXL aluminum alloy heatsink design
      The extra large aluminum alloy heatsinks take away heat dramatically. As the MOSFETs and chipsets areas are well covered by these heatsinks to protect them from overheating, CPU and chipsets can perform with lower temperature, and your motherboard and system will be more stable and reliable.
    • Premium alloy choke
      The alloy chokes effectively increase up to 90% saturation current and feature a highly magnetic and heat resistant design, making the motherboard more efficient, stable and reliable.
    • Dual-Stack MOSFET for CPU power
      Dual-Stack MOSFET (DSM) is another innovative MOSFETs design by ASRock. The silicon die area is increased by stacking two dies into one MOSFET. The larger the die area, the lower Rds (on).
    • NexFET MOSFET for memory power
      The NexFET MOSFETs control the power supply to DRAM slots more efficiently. They provide lower RDS (on) 2.9 mΩ, delivering higher efficiency and lower temperature.
    • 12K platinum caps
      Supreme 12K platinum capacitors with lifespans of at least 12,000 hours. Compared to other counterparts on high-end motherboards that merely have lifespans of around 10,000 hours, these platinum capacitors have 20% longer lifespans and provide more stability and reliability.
    • M.2 socket
      The onboard M.2 socket is interface for connecting Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) solid state drives or other devices. ASRock supports M.2 SATA3 6 Gb/s modules and M.2 PCI Express modules up to Gen2 x2 10 Gb/s, which is 2x faster compared to other M.2 Gen2 x1 solutions that are limited to 5 Gb/s.
    • Purity Sound 2
      Purity Sound 2 includes 7.1 CH HD audio with Realtek ALC1150 audio codec, 115 dB SNR DAC with differential amplifier, TI NE5532 premium headset amplifier, cap less Direct Drive technology, EMI shielding cover, PCB isolate shielding and DTS connect. As Nichicon audio capacitors are what every audiophile has been longing for on a PC, ASRock applied these high quality capacitors for Purity Sound 2.
    • Key master
      What good is a weapon if you are unable to wield it proficiently? Key master consists of two major features, sniper key and macro key. It can enhance your mouse and keyboard with customizable macros, sniper modes, key repeat rates and repeat delay, turning your boring old keyboard and mouse into lethal weapons. Key Master may be prohibited by some games.
    • XSplit
      XSplit Broadcaster is a desktop application designed to make your multimedia broadcasting, live-streaming and recording a lot easier and more fun. XSplit Gamecaster is a simplified version of XSplit Broadcaster.
    • Fatal1ty Mouse Port
      Fatal1ty Mouse Port is a customizable technology for PC gamers that is a part of F-Stream. After plugging the USB mouse into the Fatal1ty Mouse Port and running F-Stream, gamers can use Fatal1ty's personal preferred mouse polling rate at 500 Hz. F-Stream also provides the flexibility for gamers to adjust the mouse polling rate from 125 Hz to 1000 Hz. This is helpful for professional gamers to experience smoother game play and faster response time.
    • F-Stream
      F-Stream is Fatal1ty's multi purpose software suite with an interface, more features and improved utilities, including Key Master, Fatal1ty Mouse Port, EZ OC, Auto Tuning, XFast RAM, OC Tweaker, System Browser, Live Update, Tech Service and a whole lot more!
    • Digi power - more precise, more efficient
      Unlike traditional motherboards that use analog power, this motherboard uses a next generation digital PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) design, which provides CPU Vcore voltage more efficiently and smoothly, so that the stability and lifespan of the motherboard is greatly enhanced.
    • SATA Express connector
      The SATA Express interface provides PCIe Gen2 x2 (10 Gb/s) data transfer speed. This motherboard offers the latest SATA Express connector to enthusiasts to enjoy the ultimate performance.
    • HDD Saver technology
      There's a dedicated 4-pin HDD Saver Connector placed near the SATA ports. By connecting it to the HDDs, you can shut down or turn on the HDDs via software when needed. HDD Saver Technology secures more privacy, saves more energy, and extends HDD life.
    • High density glass fabric PCB
      What you've never understood about your computer is that it is scared to death of water, H2O, humidity or whatever you'd like to name it. And even though you do not see the water, actually there may be lots of excessive moist in the air killing your motherboard silently and slowly. No, your motherboard doesn't melt when in contact with water like the wicked witch of the west, but it dies of short circuit. Luckily, ASRock has a High Density Glass Fabric PCB design that reduces the gaps between the PCB layers to protect the motherboard against electrical shorts caused by humidity.
    • ASRock OMG (Online Management Guard)
      Limit and control your children's time spent on the Internet. ASRock OMG (Online Management Guard) technology allows you to establish an Internet curfew or restrict Internet access at specified times. Administrators are able to schedule the starting and ending hours of Internet access granted to other users.
    • Easy driver installer
      For users that don't have an optical disk drive to install the drivers from the support CD, easy driver installer is a handy tool in the UEFI that installs the LAN driver to your system via an USB storage device, then downloads and installs the other required drivers automatically through the Internet. Completely no CD or optical disk drive required!
    • DTS connect
      Tired of listening to crappy audio that makes your ears bleed? Experience high-quality surround sound from your personal computer. DTS connect is a blanket name for a two-part system, including DTS interactive and DTS Neo: PC, it is used on the computer platform only, in order to convert PC audio into the DTS format.
    • HDMI
      This motherboard supports HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) which is an interface standard for transferring uncompressed video data and delivering multi-channel audio through a single cable. Both video and audio data signals transferred through the HDMI interface is digital without being converted into analog, therefore it delivers the richest pictures and the most realistic sounds.

    Specifications for ASRock Z97X Killer + ASUS Echelon Gaming Mouse Pad

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      Product Description ASRock Z97X Killer - motherboard - ATX - LGA1150 Socket - Z97
      EAN 4717677323498
      Product Type Motherboard - ATX
      Chipset Type Intel Z97 Express
      Compatible Processors Pentium, Celeron, Xeon, Core i5, Core i3, Core i7
      Audio HD Audio (8-channel)
      Processor Socket 1 x LGA1150 Socket
      RAM Supported 4 DIMM slots - DDR3 , non-ECC , unbuffered
      Storage Ports 6 x SATA-600 (RAID), 1 x SATA Express port, 1 x M.2
      LAN Gigabit Ethernet
      USB / FireWire Ports 6 x USB 3.0 + 2 x USB 2.0 + (2 x USB 3.0 + 4 x USB 2.0 via headers)
      Max Allocated RAM Size 1792 MB
      Max RAM Size 32 GB

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