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Kärcher WD 5 S V-25/5/22

Kärcher WD 5 S V-25/5/22
Item No.:HA10-02U, Manufacturer's no.:1.628-350.0
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Expected to be available. from 21.03.2024
On the WD 5 S V-25/5/22 wet and dry vacuum cleaner, the device, suction hose and switchable floor nozzle are optimally coordinated with another. This means that with a power consumption of 1100 watts, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner achieves optimum cleaning results on dry, wet, fine or coarse dirt. The device comes with a robust 25-litre stainless steel container, a 5-metre cord, a 2.2-metre-long suction hose with a removable, electrostatically protected handle, a switchable floor nozzle, a flat pleated filter and a fleece filter bag. The flat pleated filter is suitable for non-stop wet and dry vacuuming without having to change the filter. Thanks to patented filter removal technology, the flat pleated filter can be removed in a matter of seconds while avoiding any contact with dirt. The filter cleaning button can be pressed to efficiently clean the filter and restore the suction power. The removable handle allows accessories to be attached directly to the suction hose. The hose can be safely secured at the device head for space-saving storage. The parking position provided on the bumper allows the tubes and floor nozzle to also be stored quickly and conveniently when taking a short break from work.
  • Outstanding filter cleaning
  • Patented filter removal technology
  • Hose storage on the device head
  • Outstanding filter cleaning
    Strong pulse air streams move the dirt from the filter into the container at the push of a button. The full suction power is quickly restored.
  • Patented filter removal technology
    Quick and easy removal of the filter from the filter box - without contact with dirt. For wet and dry vacuuming without filter replacement.
  • Hose storage on the device head
    The suction hose can be stored in a space-saving manner by hanging it on the device head. Intuitive securing mechanisms for left- and right-handed users.

Product Type
  • Wet / dry vacuum cleaner
  • yellow / black
  • 25 Litres
Range of action
  • 5 m
Special Features
  • floor brush
  • crevice nozzle
  • Fleece filter bag
  • flat-fold filter
  • Blower function

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