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Please firstly contact one of the contact options listed below with any questions about or problems with a item from this manufacturer. A problem can often be solved directly without sending the item in. Defective goods can generally be sent straight to the manufacturer or a service centre. This is the fastest option for receiving the goods back ready to use.
Fujitsu Service Partner (innerhalb der Garantie)
SERVION Service & Support GmbH
Schelmenwasenstraße 32
70567 Stuttgart - Möhringen
Processing Fujitsu Service Partner (innerhalb der Garantie)
Tel.: 0711 - 72070-0
(Mo-Fr: 9-12h, 13-17:30h)
Reparaturschein: Servion Reparaturschein
Garantieinformationen: Bedingungen und Konditionen
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH
Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 8
80807 München
Processing kann direkt über den Hersteller erfolgen
Warranty 12 - 36 Monate
(Garantieunterlagen liegen dem jeweiligen Produkt bei.)
Hotline: 00800 37210000 *
(Mo-Fr: 09-17h)
Fujitsu Support: Fujitsu Support [Übersicht]
Fujitsu Service Desk: Fujitsu Service Desk [Übersicht]
Service Partner: Servion [Garantieabwicklung]
This information is constantly being reviewed. However, it may still be the case that we receive the information about a change of hotline, address or processing information from the manufacturer at a later date.
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    Fujitsu KB915 Backlight Deutsches Layout schwarz

    • Tastatur für Office, white illumination, Connection via USB
    • Layout: German (QWERTZ) mit festem Nummerblock
    • ergonomic design
    33,26 €
    incl. VAT
    plus Shipping
    in stock, ready for immediate shipping
    1-2 days delivery time