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be quiet!

Please firstly contact one of the contact options listed below with any questions about or problems with a item from this manufacturer. A problem can often be solved directly without sending the item in. Defective goods can generally be sent straight to the manufacturer or a service centre. This is the fastest option for receiving the goods back ready to use.
be quiet!
c/o Listan GmbH & Co.KG
Biedenkamp 3a
21509 Glinde
Processing kann direkt über den Hersteller erfolgen
Warranty 2, 3, 5 Jahre (inkl. Express Austausch-Service für Produkte mit 5-jähriger Garantie)
Hotline: 0800 - 0736 736 *
Fax: 040 – 736 76 86 – 99
Garantiebedingungen: be quiet! Garantieinformationen
This information is constantly being reviewed. However, it may still be the case that we receive the information about a change of hotline, address or processing information from the manufacturer at a later date.