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Cargo 3D

Blu-ray Videos  ID: 90427489, SKU: 5930110
  • Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • Production year: 2011
  • 3D Version
  • 111 min Gesamtlaufzeit
  • Director: Ivan Engler, Ralph Etter
  • Languages: German
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  • Approved/suitable for ages 16 and above
  • Approved/suitable for ages 16 and above

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Listed since: August 2011

Sales rank: Sales rank 33 in Blu-ray Videos

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€ 8,49
incl. VAT plus Dispatch
Ordered on demand
approx. delivery time 1-2 weeks

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Specifications for Cargo 3D

Genre Fantasy, Science Fiction
Actor Claude-Oliver Rudolph
Director Ivan Engler, Ralph Etter
Production year 2011
3D Ja
Language German
EAN 7613059301108

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