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Hama Daytour 230 schwarz

ID: 90393225, SKU: 1037441
  • Backpack
  • suitable for Digital SLR Cameras + Lens
  • Material: various
  • Interior dimensions: 26.0cm width x 45.0 cm height x 18.0cm depth
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€ 124,89
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Listed since: September 2010

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€ 124,89
incl. VAT plus Dispatch
(only 1 pc)
in stock, ready for immediate shipping
1-2 days delivery time

Description for Hama Daytour 230 schwarz

Sturdy and spacious camera backpack with quick access

Space for two digital SLR cameras with lens, 11 additional lenses/flashes and accessories

Flexible interior layout due to hook-and-loop fastenings

Stabilizer for the lens and sturdy inner base

Equipping from the back and in the lower part, therefore protected against theft

Two large, elastic side pockets, 1 x with bottle holder

One large side pocket with mesh, bottle holder and drawcord

Mesh compartment inside

Three inner compartments for full/empty batteries and filters

Inner compartments for full/empty memory cards and cleaning cloth directly at the quick accesses

Padded shoulder straps, hip belt, back and handle

Shoulder strap and hip belt with loops for attaching additional accessories

Adjustable chest strap

Loop for attaching a tripod etc. (top), tripod pouch (bottom)

Rubberized, water-repellent and easy-to-clean base

Rain protection cover

Reflective piping

Can be used as hand luggage

Specifications for Hama Daytour 230 schwarz

  Product Description Hama Camera Backpack "Daytour" 230 - rucksack camera
  EAN 4047443086488
  Manufacturer Warranty 10 years warranty (24 months implied warranty by computeruniverse Show help for this topic!)
  Weight 1.9 kg
  Product Type Rucksack camera
  Colour Black
  Material PolyTex

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Hama Daytour 230 schwarz received 4,3 of 5 possible stars.
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