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Belkin GmbH

Belkin Notebook Schutzhülle Neopren

ID: 90329232, SKU: F8N160EABR
  • sleeve
  • suitable for notebooks up to 39.6cm (15.6")
  • Material: Neoprene
  • water-repellent
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Listed since: Mai 2009

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€ 18,50
incl. VAT plus Dispatch
(only 2 pc)
in stock, ready for immediate shipping
1-2 days delivery time

Description for Belkin Notebook Schutzhülle Neopren

Designed to fit and complement your notebook, these sleeves offer plush-line fabric notebook compartments to keep your notebook secure and free from scratching. Its unique, asymmetrical zipper design makes it ideal for easy access to your notebook from the top or the side. You can use the sleeve inside another bag for easy carrying or on its own for on-site use.

Specifications for Belkin Notebook Schutzhülle Neopren

  Product Description Belkin Neoprene Sleeve for Notebooks up to 15.6" - notebook sleeve
  EAN 0722868713853
  Manufacturer Warranty Limited lifetime warranty (24 months implied warranty by computeruniverse Show help for this topic!)
  Product Type Notebook sleeve
  Product Material Neoprene
  Colour Jet, cabernet
  Notebook Compatibility 15.6"

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Belkin Notebook Schutzhülle Neopren received 5 of 5 possible stars.
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5 of 5 possible stars
  • leicht, leicht und schnell zu öffnen, abwischbar
leicht, schnell zu öffnen Fazit: optimal zum schnellen Schutz für mein Notebook

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