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American Gangster

Blu-ray Videos  ID: 90289654, SKU: 8258700
  • Genre: Thriller, True occurence
  • Production year: 2007
  • 157 min Gesamtlaufzeit
  • Director: Ridley Scott, Sir
  • Languages: German, english, French, Italian, Spanish
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  • Approved/suitable for ages 16 and above
  • Approved/suitable for ages 16 and above

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€ 15,50
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Description for American Gangster

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Specifications for American Gangster

Genre Thriller, True occurence
Actor Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe
Director Ridley Scott, Sir
Production year 2007
3D Nein
Language German, english, French, Italian, Spanish
EAN 5050582587005

Reviews for American Gangster

Customer review:

American Gangster received 4 of 5 possible stars.
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on 02.04.2014 00:38:09 with
5 of 5 possible stars
  • Movie based on real facts, interesting plot with surprising ending
  • not at all
"American gangster" as well as many representatives of the genre is based on real events. This film was made with the help of historical consultants that were real prototypes of the hero of the film, Richie Roberts (in the movie it was performed by Russell Crowe) and Frank Lucas, who was sentenced in the climax of this story to 70 years of imprisonment. How he got on the film set you will learn after watching it till the end.
The plot is the following. Frank Lucas, a quiet, humble assistant of Harlem crime lord. He acts as the driver, bodyguard and collector. But then the crime lord dies. Order in the streets is changing. Those who only yesterday owes to his boss, suddenly began to demand money from Frank.
All the action is in the midst of a disgrace to the American war in Vietnam, where the soldiers are thriving real heroin epidemic. And in New York it is much more expensive. So Frank decided to organize the first delivery from the military. Then Frank Lucas was instantly over the whole city, selling the goods of the best quality that also were much cheaper than the goods of competitors.
Naturally he got a lot of enemies. This is unavoidable. Basically his enemies are his competitors. But the main problem was in the police force. These cops demand from Frank some amount of money to close their eyes on his business.
The only policeman, really interested in that would clear the city from drugs, is Richie Roberts. He is of course the guy that is not ideal. Roberts is on the tail of Lucas, contrary to the authorities, which considers that "black" is simply not able to organize such a business. The acting of both Lucas and this policeman is just great. It is really interesting to watch all their steps.
The ending of the movie is very surprising, so you should obviously watch it!

on 08.03.2013 13:07:27 with
4 of 5 possible stars
  • All in all, a good competent production, to a slow and unhurried. For fans of crime drama and the aforementioned actors.
  • Errors in the presentation of the material
A good crime drama, based on real events. The main characters of tape-Frank Lucas and Richie Roberts are still alive, and even took part in the shooting of a little picture.
Before us is a classic story about the confrontation of mafia boss and an honest cop on a background of American life 50-70-ies of the last century.
Sure and the main advantage of the picture was the game the duo of Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. In fact, for them and worth watching movie. Both play perfectly. Unless Washington portrayed his character too positive for the drug dealer. But the actor is not remembered. Nice atmosphere and transferred to the mid-20th century Harlem.

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