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Sony NP-FG 1

ID: 90272911, SKU: NPFG1.CE

Lithium-Ionen, 3.6V, 3.4Wh, 960mAh,
für die W-Serie und H-Serie

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Listed since: April 2008

Sales rank: Sales rank 31 in Batteries for Digital Cameras

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€ 32,90
incl. VAT plus Dispatch
(only 1 pc)
in stock, ready for immediate shipping
1-2 days delivery time

Description for Sony NP-FG 1

Stay powered up for a long time. This Sony infoLITHIUM camera battery pack NP-FG1 conveniently shows you how much time is remaining until you need to recharge.

There's no need to feel powerless again when you carry an extra Sony InfoLITHIUM battery pack NP-FG1 for your camera. Only genuine InfoLITHIUM batteries reliably show you exactly how many minutes of power are left, so you'll never have to worry about unexpectedly running out of charge.

Specifications for Sony NP-FG 1

  Product Description Sony InfoLithium G-type NP-FG1 - camera battery - Li-Ion
  EAN 4905524445091
  Dimensions (WxDxH) 3.6 cm x 4.2 cm x 0.8 cm
  Weight 27 g
  Product Type Camera battery
  Battery Lithium Ion - 960 mAh
  Designed For Cyber-shot DSC-H10, H3, H3B, H3S, H50, H55, H7, H7/B, H7S, H9, H90, H9B, H9S, HX10, HX20, HX30, HX5, HX5V, W100, W110, W115, W120, W125, W130, W150, W170, W200, W210, W220, W230, W270, W275, W290, W30, W300, W35, W40, W50, W55, W70, W80, W85, W90, WX1, WX7; Handycam HDR-GW55, GW66, GW77

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